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Talking About ‘Stuff’ – A Moving Story With Some Welcome Diversions

A word to the wise.  When you accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’ the day might come when you need to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ you can keep and I am here to tell you that getting rid of that ‘stuff’ is no easy task.

We are going to be moving from around 300 square metres into 150 square metres and, as I have a knack of expanding into the space available to me, something (or lots of things) will have to give.

Our furniture doesn’t owe us anything.  We’ve had most of it for a long time and some of it was vintage/antique when we got it so that’s not so bad.  It’s the ‘stuff’ that will be the problem.  My ‘workroom’ is bigger than any of the bedrooms will be in the new house and Mr. T has an industrial sewing machine and rolls of leather as well as all the usual power tools, gardening equipment, etc.  but at least he will have a large garage in which to disport himself.

Selling things is time consuming and annoying and giving things away is almost as time consuming and more annoying as there are more takers but the demands on your time are just the same.  We only have one or two charity type shops and, soon, they will probably ban me.  Mr. T and I take turns in our different cars so that they don’t realise it’s all coming from the same place.  The déchetterie (rubbish dump) is complicated and everything has to be separated into categories – I leave those visits to Mr. T.

Anyway, more on that as things progress and, just to show that I am doing things other than trying to keep the house clean and tidy in case of viewings (few and far between in the current ‘situation’) and fretting about the sheer logistics of the whole thing, these are the blocks I did for Kate’s turn in the F2F block swap.

She asked for greys with pops of colour.  I didn’t have much grey so, as it was for Kate, I ordered some special Indonesian batiks in dove grey and paper pieced all three blocks as paper piecing is a great way to put everything else out of your mind while you concentrate.  Plus, I am much better at paper piecing than regular piecing for some strange reason.

So here are the three I made for Kate.

Hovering Hawks

Twin Star


Are you worried about the amount of ‘stuff’ you have and what you – or whoever has to clear out your house should you unexpectedly drop dead – will do with it all?  Or are you one of those enviable people who can keep a rein on their crafting supplies, crafting outcomes, pictures, clothes, shoes, bags, collections of ———–(insert whatever it is you might collect), etc. etc.  I think I’m actually going to find the downsizing process quite liberating (she says hopefully) and, in future, will never acquire anything without thinking about how easy it will be to dispose of it in the future.


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House Clearance – But Not Mine!

  I went to my first house clearance yesterday.   I had known it was going to take place for a few weeks but didn’t really fancy going.  The thought of rummaging through somebody’s belongings whilst they stand by just feels a bit strange to me – especially as I do know the lady involved.  Then, I had to go practically right past her front door so thought I would drop in. 

Apparently, she is moving to be nearer a friend and, although she will still be in France, she is moving from a large house to a tiny appartment and has no room for many of her things.  Mr. Tialys and I have discussed downsizing in our dotage because this house will probably become too much to maintain and the garden especially, being mountainous, would start to run amok.  In the meantime, I continue to expand into the space available – some may say ‘unavailable’ .

This large plaster angel was apparently made by her father, who was a sculptor, around 50 years ago.  She has a few knocks here and there where I think she must have fallen off a wall but I thought she was still charming.







I was glad that she had stuck little price labels on most things as it avoided the embarassment of constantly asking the price.

Love this mirror, I think it is German.    Anna is actually Swiss and has collected many beautiful things from France, Switzerland and Germany.

This unusual inkstand had been in her family for quite a while.

An old, tin lined wooden box which would have been used for putting hot coals in and then used as a heater or even hot plate.

 However, when I saw this, it was time to call Mr. Tialys, who was happily at home with available car, to come (via the cashpoint!) and help me.  I’ve always fancied one of these and it is nicely aged with splotches on the leather – or patina as I like to call it – but still in great shape.  I can’t tell you how difficult it was getting it up the stairs to our first floor sitting room but I’m sure you can imagine.   I think I provided most of the huff and puff and ‘ow, it’s on my foot’  noises whilst Mr. T. provided most of the muscle power but, hey ho, if you have a 6’4″ husband surely it is incumbent upon you to make the most of him.

I will consider it a ‘fostering’ or temporary adoption as my daughter already has her eye on it.

So, all in all, I was very glad I went and, although she was sad to see some of her items going, Anna said she felt it was quite liberating to be shedding herself of  ‘things’  in this next stage of her life.  One day I expect I will feel the same and then I will have my own house clearance.  In the meantime I am still available to give old and gorgeous things  a good home which I like the sound of as it makes me feel charitable rather than acquisitive.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten that the Scott giveaway ends today and, later on, after the massive response I had(!) I will see if I still have one of the girls’ newborn baby hats from which to draw the 3 or 4 entries.  Sarcasm? Moi?

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