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Curry, Chips and Chocolate – Maybe Not All At Once



I am off  to the U.K. for a few days tomorrow to visit my family and to get my fix of all things quintessentially English.  My invitation to the wedding has still not arrived so I won’t have to buy a hat but these are some of the things I will be availing myself of –

A curry(!)

Fish and chips

The V & A Museum

John Lewis

Brighton Pier

A West End Show

I will be fat and fatigued by the time I arrive back in France but ask me if I care?

I hope everybody who finds their way to my blog now and then (and other people too, of course) has a lovely Easter break with lots of chocolate, friends and family and some more beautiful spring weather.


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Another Keeper

I know I say I’m often tempted to keep my vintage finds, rather than put them in the shop, but the gorgeous vintage pillow case in this collage had my name on it (or my monogram anyway) so, of course, it’s definitely a keeper. 

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What Comes After Valentine’s Day – Is it Easter?

After a non-eventful Valentine’s Day today – in other words my husband forgot to get me a card – my creative thoughts turn to the next event on the calendar (as well as how best to punish him over the next couple of weeks).  

Easter Chicks - Fabric Tubby

Last Christmas was only the second  time I had ever created things specifically for sale at a certain time of year and the first time I had buyers in other countries.  Usually 10 days is the average posting time between France and the U.S., Canada and Australia and an average estimate is usually fine.  However, if you have people wanting their items in time for Christmas, it’s not really enough to say, ‘ it might arrive on time’, they need assurance  so you have to allow quite a bit more time for delivery than you normally would.  That means you have to start getting Christmas items up for sale by the middle of October, at the latest. so buyers have time to look and reflect and, if they want to buy, be confident that the item will arrive in time.  I found my sales diminished by the end of November as U.S. buyers started to panic about delivery times.

Anyway, by the time Christmas itself arrived, I had a weird sense that I was all ‘Christmassed’ out.  A little bit like being over exposed to the shops when they start filling the shelves with festive products at the end of September, I got seasonal fatigue and it sort of took the gloss off for me.  However, if you are any sort of artist, artisan or craftsperson, Christmas is the busiest time so, if you want a boost for your sales, it has to be done! 

Which brings me to Easter.  My thoughts are now turning to fluffy chicks and bunnies and, of course chocolate.  Not being in the U.K. anymore, I don’t have such ready access to Cadbury Creme Eggs, otherwise I would have filled these tubbies  with them and taken the photographs  just before they were devoured by teens deprived of their chocolate heritage.  Anyway, I’ve had to make do with big fat hens’ eggs supplied by my girls in the garden – Nugget, Mary Hen, Black Beauty and Dark Sun(!) – so, imagine these miraculously turned to chocolate and you get the idea.


 I expect my husband will be buying me LOTS of chocolate for Easter.

Fabric Tubby for Easter

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