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Tight Lipped Tuesday #19

Remember the soft sculpture hare I made?

I asked you for advice on how to paint him.

I forgot to show you the results so here he is.

It’s sort of the natural look I was going for so I’m quite pleased with him.

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Hare Today

Oops, just realised it’s almost a month since I last posted anything so, just in case anybody was at all concerned, I’ve popped in today to let  you know I’m still here and haven’t suffocated in the heat nor am I still at the vet’s waiting in line with my cat behind two dogs, a rabbit and a faun – although both of these scenarios were distinct possibilities and, yes, there really was a faun.

There are reasons for my absence.  Family matters – nothing scary – meant that, on my return to France I had a lot of making appointments, cancelling appointments,  paperwork and rummaging through ancient filing to find said paperwork to do.  Plus, the heat has been punishing for a couple of weeks and I haven’t felt like doing anything unless strictly necessary. There goes the housework again then.

Anyway, now I’ve got my excuses for not commenting on as many blogs as I usually do (although I’ve read most of them) out of the way, I do have a few things to show but I’ll restrict myself to one today as I’m after a bit of advice.

The clue’s in the title

Before I left for the UK., I saw a pattern for a beastie, had a coup de coeur, bought the pattern and cut it out.  I ordered a hemostat (surgical forceps thingy) as recommended by the pattern designer for turning narrow tubes of fabric out the right way but, for reasons too complicated to go in to here, they are still languishing in England lest I be accused of trying to perform surgery on the plane on the way back to France.

Anyway, I managed with a chopstick – the turning, not the surgery – and here is the ‘what is it going to look like, sort of, when it’s finished?’ stage, limbs and ears held in place by pins.

Now, the assembly is finished  – although I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten his tail.

My question is – have you ever painted a 3D fabric shape with acrylics?

Here’s the original pattern by Emma Hall .

Having got my lovely hare all together nicely (apart from the tail) I’m scared to mess it up with my very amateur painting skills.

I have burnt umbers and raw siennas and even some pouring medium to hand which might sound like I know what I’m doing but I don’t.

Any tips?



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