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Fairytale Castle

The old city of Carcassonne never fails to make me catch my breath when it first comes into view – it’s just the sort of place you imagine in fairy tales.

Throughout  July they have a festival with lots of different concerts, often with very big names.  A couple of years ago we saw Diana Ross perform here.  I love to go as, whoever the artist, it’s such a magical setting that you can’t fail to have a great time.  This year I missed out as I bought tickets for my daughter and her friend to see Mika and, although I kept hoping her friend would drop out at the last moment so I could go in her place(!), she didn’t so I had a meal in one of the lovely restaurants instead whilst I waited for them.

As seems to happen every year, the rain threatens to appear (it’s an open-air venue) but usually doesn’t until the very last minute.   I didn’t know any of these people coming out of the concert which is why I’ve blurred the foreground.  It was an artistic decision.  Honest!!

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