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Bryan Ferry and a Citadel – What’s Not to Like?

Off to see Bryan Ferry tonight in the beautiful city of Carcassonne.

Unfortunately, as seems to happen every year during the time that the Festivale is on, the weather is unpredictable.  This wouldn’t be so bad but the concert  is in the open-air.

Bryan (as I call him) will be alright as the stage is under cover so he will still look cool and like the style icon that he is.  Unfortunately, the rest of us will probably be huddled underneath unflattering hoods and, heaven forfend, cagoules like the ordinary mortals that we are. 

Still, it’s worth the risk I reckon.


  one hour’s drive away from us and the city of Carcassonne was in beautiful sunshine.  So it was a great concert and Bryan didn’t have to see me in my cagoule.

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