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The Case of the Missing Chicken and the Mystery Illness

If you read my post about Taz the dog’s mysterious illness the other day, I believe I have discovered the cause.  It’s pretty gruesome so don’t read further if you are eating any sort of sandwich and definitely not a chicken one.

A few weeks ago the foundling dog Stan put all our free ranging chickens up and one didn’t come back.  We searched everywhere for her but couldn’t find a trace.   Mr. Tialys decided it was too risky to let them carry on completely free ranging and he was also fed up with seeing them trash any new seed beds that he planted so, being big softies, we built them an even bigger enclosure so that they didn’t miss roaming all over the garden.  Trust me – it is a big enclosure, I think it is the same size as the garden at my parents’ house.

Anyway, we did wonder where she ended up but today Susie the golden retriever was spending an inordinate amount of time in a certain spot in the garden and, when I investigated, there was the corpse of the chicken – really only recognisable by the green band still round her foot.  Now I’m wondering whether any of the other dogs are going to go down with food poisoning and feel that Taz is lucky to still be alive.  He seems to be recovering slowly but is still not himself.  At least I know now what to say to the vet!

The Victim

The Injured Party

The Perpetrator


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Shocking Statistics (1)

Sometimes I see statistics which really shock me.  I thought I’d include some of them here occasionally as I am very generous and like to share my shock with others!

‘855 million chickens are slaughtered for their meat in Britain each year; only 5% of them are free-range’  (The Independent)

I probably found this particular statistic so shocking as I keep chickens myself .  I also thought lots more people bought free range chicken these days.  I suppose, the vast majority go into processed foods like ready meals, chicken nuggets and fast food outlets.  I don’t even want to think about what the statistic for the whole world would be.


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