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Stanley Socks

Look what I found!

Driving Mr. Tialys down to the doctors on Friday – a story for another time! – we saw a young dog run across the road in front of us and nearly into the side of a passing car.  Unfortunately, this sort of thing is a common sight in this part of France.  A lot of people think nothing of opening their front door in the morning and letting the dog out to wander about.  It used to freak me out completely when we first moved here but I have learnt to differentiate between the ‘old hands’ and those that are actually panicking and probably lost or abandoned.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven to the refuge – the police don’t want to know!  There is not really an equivalent of the RSPCA.  The local rescue centre is not publicly funded. 

Anyway, on our way back from the doctors, we saw this little chap again, down in the town centre this time so out came the collar and lead that I always keep in my glove compartment and I went and got him.  I took him to the vets where, miracle of miracles, they found he had a microchip and that they would let me know the name of the registered owner the following day.  Bearing in mind I already have 3 dogs, 4 cats and 6 chickens, it was a bit of a risk taking him home but what could I do?  I couldn’t just turf him out on the street again.  Anyway, before too long Mr. Tialys and the Tialys Teens were thinking up names for him!  I told them not to bother as he would be going home the following day.   However, turns out, the original owner had sold/given him to a family who had him for a week and then decided it was too much, what with 2 kids already and one imminent.  Given that information, I can’t really believe he ‘escaped’ as they claimed but rather they opened the door and waved goodbye.   I told the original owner that we would keep him because I am a totally insane, pathetically soft, soon to be bankrupt, fool.

Say hello to Stanley Socks, or Stan to his friends –

Just as well we’ve got the room.  Mr. Tialys must now work until he is 85 to finance all our animals – forget his dream of retiring at 50! – or I might consider registering as a charity.

But, look at his little face……….

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