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Emerging From The Dust

Just dropping by to reassure anybody who gave it any thought that I have not suffocated under the clouds of dust generated by knocking out our old fireplace which I did a post about here

Instead of being employed for two days, as originally planned ( and quoted for ) the builder was here for thirteen days.  This wasn’t his fault as, not long into the job, we realised it was going to be more work than anybody first thought and we had a sort of change of plan.  However, thinking he was only going to be here for two days I told him he could bring his dog in from his truck and offered him lunch which, considering I usually grab a bowl of cereal at lunchtimes, was a bit of a strain on my meal planning skills nearly three weeks later.

Stan and HarrietStan looks on in the hope that Harriet (the builder’s dog) will eventually let him have his ball back.

Being a beagle, I couldn’t trust Harriet out in the garden unsupervised as we have chickens and I’m not sure our dog-proof(ish) garden would be beagle-proof, so I had to keep them confined on the terrace and keep checking on them every now and again with the odd ball playing game in between.  Apart from an incident where she decided to jump in our pond and flatten a fish or two, it wasn’t too bad but time consuming for me and I found I couldn’t get on with anything up in my workroom which I was keeping firmly closed up anyway due to the dust.  Hence my lack of new makes to show.

At least we have now progressed from this


to this

FireplaceRenovationYes, we decided to expose the whole wall – hence the longer time and the larger invoice.

You may spot the fact that the place for the woodburning stove remains vacant and that’s because, despite living in France where they have stoves galore, we decided to import one from Devon – long story.  Anyway, it’s due to arrive the last week November/first week December and I’m hoping the temperature doesn’t take too much of a dive before then.  You can see I have been at work with my paintbrush and, also imported Farrow and Ball paint from the U.K. as the french paint is truly abominable yet strangely expensive.  The colours are  ‘London Stone’ and ‘Joa’s White’ – just in case you were wondering.  The plastic bag over the end of the flue is not a freakish design feature but to stop any gunk falling down as, the other day, we had strong winds which were forcing dirty water down the flue and on to the nice new tiles.  I’ve not gone all ‘minimalist’ on you – as if! – but we’re still trying to decide how to arrange the furniture.

I have said before that it has been an abysmal year for vide greniers which have either been rained off, not well attended by sellers, or just plain pants but I did go to a good one recently and picked up a few vintage bits.  As usual, there are things I bought and won’t be able to part with – ‘too heavy to post anyway’ is what I tell Mr. T.

French Dog SculptureA gorgeous dog sculpture on a marble base and signed by Rochard

french soda siphonsTwo delightful French soda siphons in a smaller (so rarer) size and beautiful colours.

So those won’t be going into my shop anytime soon but I have found a few other bits.

Have you seen all those on trend lamps which have animals – often dogs – as bases and, sometimes, like the Abigail Ahern ones, little teeny lampshades on top?  Well, when I saw a fetching dog carafe in the flea market, with a hole already in its head, I thought we could knock up our own one.  I say ‘we’ when I actually mean ‘him’ but he is strangely reluctant and I can’t understand why.

ahern_poodle_mediumWhy this?

Dog Lampand not this?

I will leave you with that question of taste and style and go up to my workroom and see if I can come to terms with the new overlocker that I bought in Lidl the other day –  139 euros for a Pfaff overlocker with a 3 year guarantee! – I was beside myself with excitement as that is the sort of thing that does it for me these days and it was only slightly more expensive than 250g of cheese and a loaf of bread here (thank God the wine’s cheap).

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