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Here I Go Again.

Does anybody else do this?  Sometimes I buy fabric because I love it and, only then, decide what to make.  It’s not very wise because, occasionally (though not often), I never actually think of anything and then have the fabric to gaze upon in adoration but nothing to actually do with it.  This has happened today.  Had to have this very French fabric and I will, I will, I will, find something to make with it – probably this weekend.  I’ll let you know.


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Ooh! What to Make?

A Project in Waiting


When I was round at my friend Anna’s house the other day, she showed me some tiny embroidery hoops she had ordered and I had to have some.  These ones are 4″ in diameter but you can also get 3″ ones.  Don’t quite know what for yet – although I think I might use something vintage – but an idea will come to me.    Whilst ordering the hoops, I noticed the lovely felt that the same shop, Lupin,  had for sale and had to have some of that too.  Again, I don’t know what for yet but some things you’ve just got to have and, at the moment, I like looking at all those lovely colours piled up full of promise!


La Nuit

I don’t hang around you know.

The next one I made got on the front page so that’s some encouragement.

La Pluie on FP

And here’s another – I need to order some more of these little hoops at this rate.

La Petite Ecole

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