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Easter Weekend

We made a decent amount of money for the Twilight Retirement Home for old and disabled doggies on Saturday despite the weather being mostly against us.  Eight out of my ten tea towel into apron conversions sold so I was gratified I hadn’t wasted a whole afternoon last weekend cutting off corners and adding turquoise tapes.

Sunday and Monday yielded some sunshine and, so unused to such a phenomenon have I become, I burnt the backs of both hands whilst doing some open air crochet.

The butternut squash dog is looking promising so far…………

……..don’t you think?

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A Bit of Baking and a Couple of Poppies

Sometimes I fancy doing a bit of baking even though I’m more of a ‘savoury’ person than a ‘sweet’ person and it’s usually when I spot a tempting photograph on somebody else’s blog.  So, a couple of days ago I came across a recipe from somebody who obviously takes cookies seriously and has even done a taste test amongst her friends and family in her quest to find the best one.  Sounds like a brilliant excuse to bake – and eat – loads of them so I thought I’d smash a chocolate bar into bits – I’m too mean to buy chocolate chips – and give it a go.

Soft and Squidgy Cookes

I like these because they are the soft and chewy variety.  They are enormous.  They are easy to make.  They have peanut butter in them.  Did I say they are soft and chewy?

Anyway, I had already halved the ingredients in the recipe because I didn’t want twenty odd cookies as I’m not expecting hordes of visitors until the week after next at least.  Then, I put the dough in the fridge overnight and cut that in half so I would end up with just six for now.  The rest of the dough, which apparently is good for 72 hours in the fridge, I will either freeze or make some more cookies with it tomorrow.

You can find the recipe here if you find yourself in the mood for baking.

If I had been in the U.K. I might have made these to sell for Red Nose Day  (aka Comic Relief) which, if you haven’t heard of it, raises lots of money every other year for charities both at home and abroad whilst entertaining with special T.V. programmes,  fund raising events,  special t-shirts etc. etc.  Fun fund raising. **  Anyway, there was a bit of an upset in blogland recently when a magazine was produced by ‘craft people’ and other ‘craft people’ were invited to contribute to it in the form of free patterns to raise money for Red Nose Day.    Some of the patterns were donated by people in the U.K. and some by people from other countries.  It then went up for sale in one of the big supermarkets.   One of my Australian blogging friends donated a pattern and received a few nasty emails saying she shouldn’t be helping an overseas charity when there were plenty of Australian charities she could support.  This, despite the fact that Red Nose Day helps people – mostly children – all over the world.  The person who edited the magazine apparently received complaints and some abuse because people couldn’t get to the supermarket to buy the magazine or it had sold out, or whatever.  There are some funny people about.

Anyway, to redress the balance – if it needed doing – I have answered the call of another Australian blogging friend who passed on a request for help from Aussie Hero Quilts for quilters to make blocks in a sort of poppy design, which will be used to make Fallen Warrior Quilts for the families of servicemen and women in the Australian Forces who have lost their lives in the line of duty.  Quick and easy, I had some suitable fabric, I can send it off for the cost of an international stamp plus I like the fact that it’s not me that will have to join them all together and quilt them.  You can read about it here if you want to join in.

Poppy Quilt Block

Having said all that, I wonder if there is a similar scheme in the U.K.  Does anybody know?

** Thanks to reader Frivolous Monsters who reminded me that Comic Relief (or Red Nose Day) alternates with Children in Need another U.K. based fund raising effort which helps children both at home and abroad.  They have the same sort of format and methods of fund raising so I got the two confused.  Now I live in France I don’t get the same sort of exposure to it as I used to just the odd T.V. programme.

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Not Going Out


I’ve had a bit of cabin fever recently.  First, there was some snow.  To be honest, not a great deal but we live up a hill which is not pleasant to drive down (or up!) once it is icy so I prefer to stay put unless absolutely necessary.  Second, I had a dental implant and was not fit to be seen by the outside world.  The inside world wasn’t too keen either but they live with me and had to put up with it.  Don’t get me wrong, the procedure to have the implant done was no problem – just in case you’re thinking of having it done and don’t want me to scare you – it’s just that my face was swollen up a bit for a few days, I had an impressive bruise, some stitches which showed between my teeth and almost drove me crazy and a gap while I waited for the temporary crown to be made.  No pain though. Plus the swelling plumped my face out somewhat and several wrinkles disappeared although, alas, that was only temporary.

So, using the time spent indoors profitably, I opened a new Etsy shop for my dog collars as they were starting to overtake my current shop and making it look a bit too ‘doggy’.  Of course, this will not be a profitable shop because I am doing it mainly to help out the Dog Rescue but I can’t tell you what fun I’m having picking out the designs and trying to persuade my sewing machine that it really doesn’t mind stitching through multi layers of webbing and grosgrain.

Campervan Dog Collar1 (1)I know there are lots of people making dog collars out there but I can’t take any more dogs on – I already have three plus four cats – and I’m a bit far from the Rescue Centre to help with walking the dogs on a regular basis so I wanted to do something else to help.

bluechelseacollar (3)A special request for some Chelsea Football club supporters I know! (I’ve made some West Ham ones too but I’m not allowed to mention that!)

So I’ve set up ‘Ouaf Ouaf’ (or Ouaf for short) which is what French dogs say instead of ‘Woof’ and will gradually put them on there, along with the bandanas I was making before, as and when I can make them, as well as touting them around friends with dogs (and some without!) and local fund raising events.

DogCollarLittleMonsters (4)

I’m having fun taking the photos too as you can see although this dog looks rather more like a hippo which I’m sure don’t cock their legs up to wee but you get the idea.

Muttley Dog Collar

My favourite cartoon dog of all time.  I was chuffed when I found Muttley from Wacky Races on a ribbon.

These collars have caused a bit of a commotion in the house as, every time I finish one and brandish it, chrome D ring clinking, as I like to do, the resident dogs think it’s a sign they are about to be taken out on another walk.  I’ve found it easier, in most cases, to take photographs of the collars off the dogs’ necks rather than on but a few modelling assignments have been handed out.



Sometimes, there is just curiosity and my photo shoots attract unwanted attention.

DogCollarChasingCars (4)

I tried making a sort of double fold bias tape from some Liberty fabric I had in my stash for this one which worked well and might end up being more cost effective than ribbon (especially if I don’t use Liberty tana lawn!!).

dog rescue carcassonne puppies

No blog post about dog rescue or dog collars is complete without a basket full of puppies of course.  Just look at those little faces.  Of course, being puppies these little girlies will probably soon find homes but the underlying problem is too many people – and it is a big problem in France – just can’t or won’t sterilize their dogs.  Then they let them out to wander around unsupervised and this is the result.  You can read their story here but, basically, the mother was rehomed by the Société Protéctrice des Animaux before they introduced a policy to sterilize all female dogs before rehoming and the new owner didn’t bother and this is the second litter of puppies that have had to be rescued from her as a result – the first litter and another three from this one she gave (or sold) to who knows who?

Anyway, I am off to do some vacuuming before Mr. T. gets home from the U.K. and thinks I’ve been doing nothing all week except mess with ribbon and webbing, set up amateur photo shoots and read up about what is good for bruising – arnica cream??  Then I’m going to make a bag – just for a change.

*must keep busy and not look a puppy faces *  house is full * puppies are a lot of work*  the cats won’t like it * too many dogs already* mustn’t show Mr. T  the photo as he is worse than me*no, no, I mustn’t*

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Wild Thing

I’ve got three dogs and, although we walk through woods at the back of our garden so they are rarely on a lead, I like them to wear a collar with an I.D. tag just in case.  They are micro-chipped but, if they were to get lost, not everybody would bother to take them to the vets and have them scanned whereas they might just phone a number.

I’m always buying new collars for them so I thought I’d have a go at making my own.  I ordered all the hardware and spent ages choosing grosgrain ribbon to make the webbing look pretty.  This is my first attempt and Flo graciously agreed to be the model on this occasion..  This was a very brief moment of stillness –  I chose that ribbon with her in mind.

Flo Wild Child

What do you think?  I might start making these, along with my dog bandanas, to help raise funds for the Dog Rescue Carcassonne Group here in France.

Here are some Chelsea Football Club supporters who were recipients of specially requested dog bandanas for Christmas.

Dog Bandanas - Chelsea Fans

I wonder whether they know they support Chelsea?

And not to be too biased towards dogs – after all, I do have cats too,  I took this photo of my big pyjama case cat, Henry, avidly watching a programme about cats.  I thought animals couldn’t recognise stuff like that but he definitely did.

Cats Watching Other Cats

Please excuse the proliferation of gaming gubbins, wires, speakers, remotes, etc.   Nothing to do with me.  I only know how to work the telly although, since they moved the satellite, we have to do all sorts of twisty turny technical things to receive t.v. transmissions so I had to get a bit more tech savvy quickly if I wanted to watch Downton Abbey and Broadchurch.

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