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January Blues

Is there anything more depressing than taking down the Christmas decorations?  Well, of course there are plenty of things but you know what I mean!  Plus, lots of dust which was lurking under baubles and cards and tinsel is now revealed which means the dreaded housework must be done straight away.  Bleurgh.

Still, it’s Valentine’s Day soon and hearts and flowers will be everywhere.  Today’s Saturday Selection – as this is not just a post about moaning and whingeing – is the beautifully named  ChezSucreChez where you can buy lovely little cross stitch items which have been made by them or kits for you to do yourself.  As you may recall me saying in the past, cross stitch drives me crazy and, as I don’t need any help in the frustration and eye strain department, I leave it well alone and marvel at the skill and patience of others.  However, Madamoiselle Tialys, the elder, has discovered a liking for the craft and I am busy collecting supplies for her so that she can make things for me for a change.    I have ordered this great little kit from ChezSucreChez so that she can make this one to give to her ‘petit ami’ on Valentine’s Day.  Her friends’ nickname for her is ‘squirrel’ (or ‘ecureuil’ as we are in France) so I thought this would be appropriate.

On with the dusting and vacuuming now – well, maybe after lunch…….

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Christmas Shopping – Want Some Help?

I’ve already bought some items from these shops and I am lusting after some of the others.

Have you started your shopping yet? If you like anything in this gorgeous collection of items, you can just click on it and it will take you to the shop – don’t say I never do anything for you!

‘My Christmas Shopping List So Far’ by tialys

Sharing some gifts I’ve already bought and some I’m very tempted by.

Shawl the Bubble- Greyish Bl…

Ginkgo Biloba – Felt Tree

Gizmo the Mogwai Mouse – Cut…

Whimsical red and turquoise …

Nurse – handpainted porcela…

Let it Snow Ornament or Pend…

McCalls Misses in Aqua Tile …

Pouch, Pencil case Eyeglass…

The thinking cat with moons,…

Set of 5 Heart ornaments wit…

Turkish caftan keychain or b…

Mini Car Pincushion

Wooden hamsa with art silk t…

No Image Available Design on…

Snowdrop Tutu

Gentle Owl —- Purple Roost…

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