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Latex Love

Well, now that I’ve got your attention I may as well tell you that this post isn’t about that sort of latex loving, I needed a snappy title to get some readers back after my shameful neglect of this blog over the Christmas holidays.

Phoebe, the German Shepherd, got a couple of toys for Christmas.  I know, I know and I even wrapped them up but at least I didn’t buy any doggy tutus (although I won’t say I wasn’t tempted).  Usually, toys last minutes and are dismembered and disembowelled before the squeak can start to get on your nerves.  However, an amazing transformation has come over her.  I don’t know whether it’s some belated and misguided maternal instinct emerging or, more worryingly, some sort of doggy psychosis but the chicken, the legs of which you can see below, is now tended like any spoiled baby.  It must go everywhere with her.  If, in an unguarded moment, like the rush for feeding time, she leaves it outside, she makes a pathetic whining noise until we go out and retrieve it.    Good job I bought a pack of 3 😉

As for the pig, it was adopted by my other dog.  It makes a grunting noise and has had to be removed for reasons of sanity preservation and fears about the dangers of latex ingestion.

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A Rubber Chicken and a Sunset

Two photographs I took yesterday apropos of nothing at all.

When a lump of wood isn’t enough!



The sun setting over Pyrennean rooftops and mountains

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