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Tight Lipped Tuesday #5 – Putting My Second Best Foot Forward

I finally finished a pair of socks I started in Winter 2017.

These are the third pair of socks I’ve knitted which obviously didn’t help as I messed up a bit with these somewhere along the way.  They are, however, still wearable which is the main thing.

I spent a lot of time trying to match up the stripes until I realised it wasn’t possible with this yarn.

Mr. Tialys bought me this handy, and beautifully crafted, yarn bowl for Christmas.

With any luck it will help me get to grips with the shawl I’m trying to crochet which, as you can see, is slow to progress.

Although I doubt it.


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Witchipoo Sock Syndrome

Anybody remember H.R.PufnStuff?  A sort of weird, psychadelic, Saturday morning cartoon from 1969/1970 with a young Jack Wild.


This is the wonderful Witchipoo and she’s wearing what appear to be my last pair of socks.

TwoatatimeToeupSocks (2)

I’ll spare you a YouTube link because you will have the theme tune in your head for ever more – as I do, along with the one from the Banana Splits.

This is my latest finished pair of socks – they are on sock blockers in case you were wondering whether I’d been run over by a steamroller.

Striped Socks Toe Up

I’ve written before about ‘second sock syndrome’ – where you finish one sock and can’t be arsed to make the next one – which is why I always make two at the same time but now I appear to be suffering from ‘Witchipoo sock syndrome’.  Will the pointy hat be next?

raspberry sock blockers

These are my bright and lovely sock blockers from this Etsy shop.  Now that I have them I must make more socks but perhaps my next ones will be plain – I’m going to be singing that song for at least a week now.

Have you got any songs from the T.V. programmes of your youth that you can still remember all the words to?

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Talking to a Sock

‘Never say never’ should be my motto as, despite saying on numerous occasions that ‘life is too short to turn a heel’, I have decided to give it a go and knit a pair of socks.  (I still truly believe that I will never stuff a mushroom though).

I have plans to knit quite chunky ones for wearing to yoga class, putting on with wellies and for general slobbing about the place.  I was inspired by one of my blogging friends, Lucie, who has successfully knitted a pair despite being fairly new to knitting.

I am not going to go mad, as I usually do when taking up something new, and buy special sock yarn etc. but I have bought a book , ordered a short circular needle – both recommended by Lucie – and  have dug out some worsted/aran weight yarn from my stash.  If it goes well, I will be perusing online stockists of sock making paraphernalia like a demon.

This is as far as I’ve got so, as you can see, there is no cause for great excitement quite yet – if indeed there is ever any cause to be greatly excited by a sock

FirstSockAs I am not yet in possession of ‘specialist’ equipment I am using  the magic loop method using one long circular needle.  I taught myself  this method, using Youtube videos (hooray for the internet),  to knit the sleeves of my ‘top down’ cardigan which I am nearly finished.

The title is referring to a saying often employed by Mr. Tialys  when he is trying to get a point through to one of the Madamoiselles  and, as they glaze over,  he says it’s ‘like talking to a sock’.  I know what he means now and, when I get to the more complicated sections like heel and toe, I might well be swearing at a sock.

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