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What A Lot I Got!

Swap From Sue in Florida

Just received this package from Sue in Florida – it cost her over 26USD to send which is one of the reasons I’m not going to participate every month – the postage here in France is really expensive.  Anyway, great stuff.  I love the sand dollar – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before.  Also, there were some sharks’ teeth.  Apparently there are loads to be found on the beach where Sue lives.  She also sent me a postcard explaining the legend behind sand dollars.  Each line, pattern and hole represent something to do with Christian imagery, apparently.


Sand Dollar

As the swap is supposed to include fabric and chocolate, I asked Sue to send me some Hersheys as that is SO American and, despite having been there several times, I’ve never tried it.  A bit disappointing really – probably why you don’t see it anywhere else.  Maybe I’m spoilt living in France (although my favourite is still Cadbury’s dairy milk – how sad is that?).  Anyway, I’d never seen dark chocolate m&ms before so that was a bit different.

Thanks Sue!!

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