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Must Learn Japanese

Seduced by the gorgeous designs and beautiful photographs, I allowed myself to be persuaded that using Japanese craft books would be a piece of cake. Hah!

Not only is almost everything apart from, bizarrely, the titles,  in Japanese  but you start from the back and work to the front and that goes for the instructions too.   Of course I was prepared for the Japanese and even, thanks to my younger daughter’s Manga obsession, with the fact that you read back to front but I wasn’t prepared for the teeny tiny print at which you must stare in the vain hope of gleaning some information that might help you make the beautiful item you crave.

Nothing daunted, I managed (by using a magnifying glass) to pick out some measurements from in amongst the symbols and, with the aid of the excellent diagrams, to actually make something – hoorah!  I was chuffed to bits and have been showing off  because Mr. Tialys and the two Miss Ts couldn’t believe I’d actually bought a craft book in Japanese and hoped to make sense of it.  So, yah boo  sucks to them and here is my creation which I decided to make using French linen and Liberty of London – my two favourite fabrics.


Still, I like a bit of a challenge now and then – I’m hoping it keeps the brain active although have no evidence so far –  so this may be a new obsession.

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