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Another ‘Quick’ Project – Yeah, Right.

Whenever I see phrases  like ‘quick project‘ , ‘make it in an hour‘, ‘I made a ball gown during the ad break in Eastenders‘ (o.k., I’ve never seen that last one) I should know not to touch it with a barge pole.

If I ever say, I’m just going upstairs to run up a quick bit of gear to take on holiday or to wear for a ‘do’, my sewing machine and overlocker  (but especially the overlocker) somehow hear me and, in the time it takes me to get up there, they have conspired together to make any quick project as long and frustrating as possible.

Take the summer cardigan pattern which I saw on Girl Charlee’s blog and decided to make with a piece of jersey, dotted with cute gold fawns, that I had bought from them a few weeks before.

 Firstly, I had only bought a metre and the pattern calls for just over that so it took me (and a friend) at least an hour to try to lay the pattern out economically – although if it had been a non directional pattern it would have been a lot easier.

Secondly and most importantly, my overlocker decided to thwart my plans and chew up the seams.

 I had to wait until I saw my friend again to use her overlocker and took mine with me to see if we could work out the problem.  Her husband tutted at how ‘sale’ (French for ‘dirty’) my overlocker was and wanted to know how long was it since I’d cleaned it.  I said ‘jamais’ (French for ‘never’).  He tutted some more and swept out of the room bearing my machine aloft and did things to it with little brushes and blowers and things and I trusted him because I’ve seen under the hood of his car and the engine looks like something you could eat your dinner off.

Anyway, despite his ministrations, it still didn’t work properly so I re-threaded it for what seemed like the zillionth time and, obviously deciding it had p***ed me off enough for one week as I had started muttering darkly about buying a new one, all was well.

Anyway, I made the cardigan for Mlle. T. the younger but she’s not keen on modelling so I asked Mlle. T. the elder – who’s not keen either but she is more bribeable biddable.

dsc_0001Next time, I would make the cuffs a little looser and alter the pattern slightly so that it is slightly wider at the bottom edge.


…..and if anybody tells me the fawns on the cuffs are upside down I might get nasty.

I am determined to get my F2F blocks made into a quilt for Mr. Tialys’s London flat before  winter – although he has central heating there which we don’t have here so I don’t know why I worry.  Anyway, yesterday I took all the blocks and the squares of wadding and backing out into the garden and went crazy with the basting spray so they are now all ready to quilt.

Quilt As You Go Blocks

I think one of the cats has a more bristly tail than she should have as she may have got in the way of me and my spray at one point.  I’m sure it’ll brush out.

Cat in Antique Bowl

Here she is, giving me the stink eye, in the antique french confit pot that should be for sale in my shop but is not as she has adopted it as her own and, having raised her from a 3 week old scrap with cat formula milk and bottle, I find it hard to deny her anything at all.

I’m off to see if I can make a skirt – complete with zip – in under an hour.  (The word zip is a clue here to the likelihood of my succes).


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What’s The Plural Of ‘Tardis’?

Madamoiselle Tialys the elder has now left to go back to University in the U.K.

I am pleased to get my workroom back to myself but I don’t think I’m going to enjoy myself quite so much.  Having persuaded me to fork out a small fortune on postage to get this fabric from the U.S., she was determined to get the most out of a metre.

(Just pointing out,  for those of you who don’t know about Dr. Who and his time machine that looks like an old fashioned British police telephone box – or ‘the tardis’ as it is known to us Whovians – that is the design on the fabric.)

Tardis Skirt

Tardis Project 1

Dr. Who Phone CoverTardis Project 2

Tardis HairbowTardis Project 3

Dr. Who Bandana BibTardis Project 4 (plus we had just enough over to get another bandana bib out of it

Not bad for a metre of fabric and, because she has proved her addiction  dedication to the delights of sewing, a Janome sewing machine is winging its way to her appartment as we speak.

Now, does anybody know the plural of Tardis?  Tardises? or, my preference, Tardi?  Or, being only one of them in the entire universe – as far as we know – can it be said that no plural exists?

Meanwhile, I’m inching reluctantly back towards the rather more grown up and down to earth by making a skater dress for Mlle. Tialys the younger.  She has a thing for  roses at the moment, preferably partnered with skulls but she’ll have to make do with polka dots this time.  I downloaded this pattern from Kitschy Coo and, after having a playschool hour or so cutting it out and taping it together, I have semi-assembled the bodice for fit but we can’t decide on cap, 3/4 or long sleeves.


If it turns out well, I’m going to make one for myself in a Liberty print jersey and I’ve already decided on 3/4 length sleeves for mine.   Hmm…..back to normality.

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