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Quick! Pass Me A Lottery Ticket – My Luck Is In!

For the first time EVER I have won a giveaway on a blog. No matter that there weren’t that many entries – I am still chuffed.

 ‘What have you won, then?’,  I hear you asking.  A $20 voucher to spend in Yozo Crafts which is just as well because I spend quite a bit of money there in any case!  They do lots of great Japanese linen blend fabric which I love to use for my étui boxes and tubbies but also they do lots of really cute stamps, stationery items, tapes, ribbons and buttons so I won’t have any trouble disposing of my prize.

What to choose?


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I’ve Put All the Pieces Together

Tadaaaa….here’s my latest Hexagonal Etui Box, shown in an earlier post in pieces – I don’t mess around you know!  It might make a good first sewing box for a young crafter because of the ‘cute’ kawaii red riding hood theme.


I love the way Anna’s illustrated tape goes so well in the interior

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Hexagonal Etui – Kawaii Style


Kawaii Red Riding Hood

I sold my favourite hexagonal sewing box a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting for the cardstock I use to come into the local shop so I could start on a new one. I was sifting through my (vast) fabric stash thinking I might go for a slightly different feel this time, a bit more ‘fun’ and young – maybe for somebody’s first sewing box or just somebody who’s into kawaii or fairy tales!

At the Start

I just need to put it all together now!

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