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I’ve been wanting to get some custom made tape from my friend Anna  for ages, to use as seam tabs in some of the things I make and maybe as package headers.  Anyway, I finally got round to it and a few font, design and colour decisions later, here’s the result.

How flash am I?

I have also been faffing about with a bit more jewellery making as I can’t resist those glass domes that you put over images – they look so effective.  Here’s one I made earlier posing against a pretty little vintage jewellery box I found the other day which turned out, once I got it home, to be Japanese not French.  Which doesn’t really matter except I tend to ‘specialise’ in French things with a bit of the rest of Europe thrown in occasionally.  Still, a charming vintage item is a charming vintage item wherever it comes from and I’m the boss of my shop so there!

Watch this space as tonight, probably, if there’s nothing good on the telly, I’m going to recover the lampshade on an old standard lamp that I found recently, with some stunning vintage Liberty fabric.  If the results are good, I’ll be putting the photos on here, if not, forget I said anything!














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