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Excuse Not to Do the Housework: No. 465(ish)

Another entry in my occasional series of good reasons not to get on with the housework is also a brilliant vindication of whittering away about everything that occurs to me on my blog.

Apparently, according to a study in California, women who regularly write about things that matter to them lose more weight than those who don’t.  

 Using a test group of 45 women, the researchers asked half of them to write for 15 minutes every day about something that was important to them and the other half to write about things they had no particular interest in.  Four months later, the first group had lost, on average, 3.4lbs, the second had gained 2.7lb.  If you are writing about something you care about, you are happier, thus less likely to snack – allegedly.

Now, whilst I would like to believe that sitting on my backside in front of the screen is a form of fat burning exercise, I can’t help but think that pushing the vacuum cleaner around and wielding a duster  might actually be more effective.  So, after serious consideration, I don’t think I would be able to present this evidence to Mr. Tialys when he asks why he hasn’t got any shirts ironed again so it might not be my best ‘excuse not to do the housework’ entry.

Also. Haven’t these researchers in California got anything better to do than this?  Shouldn’t they be finding a cure for Alzheimers or something?  

*Wonder if I can have another slice of cake now*

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