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I Must Do The Housework!!

I can’t think of any reason to actually like doing housework and ironing but, there’s no getting away from it, unless you want people to think you’re a complete slob, it’s got to be done *sigh*. 

There are always plenty of other things I can find to do rather than the hoovering – usually dog walking, talking to the teens (or more like just listening these days), facebooking, blogging, talking on the telephone, eating, making tea or, most often, creating some new thing that amuses me.   As I sell my things, they must be photographed and I quite enjoy it but it is yet another thing that takes up valuable dusting time. 

I feel I am getting more creative with my photography – I’ll have one sitting backwards on a ladder back chair next, looking sultry – although I don’t think that would be possible with an owl – legs aren’t long enough.


Music Maestro - A Narcassistic Owl?




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