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Anthropomorphism in Art

I’m glad I’m writing that word and not saying it – it’s one of those words it’s a bit hard to get your tongue round even before you’ve had a glass of wine.

Anyway, I just came across this shop on Etsy called frighten run by photographer and artist Mari Lowery and thought I’d feature a couple of  her mixed media images as my ‘Saturday Selection’ today.

I like them because they avoid being twee or cute and actually verge on the nightmarish and odd which I mean in a good way.

Who knew that there is actually a team called Anthropormorphic on Etsy, of which Mari is the captain.  Great fun!

I find dolls really scary so I haven’t used any of her images where she’s used them rather than animals but take a look!×10-fine-art-print

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Hoop Addiction

Since I bought those little embroidery hoops, I’ve gone a bit berserk!   I love coming up with ideas for new ones and I’m sort of keeping a French theme going.  What I really like about them is they are so tiny and can be propped up on a shelf, inserted into a little niche, insinuated ino a crevice… get the picture. 

Spots Before the Eyes

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