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My mum has just left after a week’s visit and, much as I love her to bits, I always give a little sigh of relief when I see her off at the airport.  Am I horrible?  

The problem is she’s getting a bit doddery on her pins these days so we can’t really go anywhere which involves a lot of walking.  She would do it – but she would be in pain and so it’s not worth it.  However, whenever we go out in the car, she gets travel sick.  Also, she is a VERY fussy eater.  She is almost vegetarian (if such a thing is possible), she doesn’t like any cheese other than cheddar, she doesn’t like pasta, pizza, garlic, Chinese food, seafood, anything slightly out of the ordinary and she doesn’t like wine.  All this in France.  It’s virtually impossible to feed the woman.  She doesn’t demand anything but says, ‘I’m fine with some bread and a bit of cheese’ but you know, if you gave her only that, it wouldn’t be right.  Maybe with a bar of chocolate……….

The other problem is that she and my younger daughter don’t get on.  It’s quite stressful for me when I can sense some hostility about to build up between them so I usually try to diffuse it by giving one of them something to do in another room.  The T.V. always works for my daughter so it’s not that difficult.

Me & My Lovely Mum

Me & My Lovely Mum


On the plus side, I get up to date with everybody else in the family’s news (sometimes not for the first time) and with the news of  all of her friends’ families.  Also, we drink lots and lots of tea.  Also, she makes me laugh a lot.

She is coming back at Christmas, this time with my dad and, of course, by then I will be really looking forward to it.


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