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Sweet Knitting

Knitting isn’t just scarves, mittens and hats – look at this brilliant necklace by iroirocrafts – this week’s Saturday selection

I like the coconutty ones!

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Ooer, I’ve gone all Steampunk!

My very talented friend Ann specialises in steampunk, (I had to look it up!),  grungy, goth-type jewellery which is sometimes amusing, often daring, from time to time very offbeat but always original and beautiful.   This is my great new necklace which she made especially for me.  It screams ‘look at me’ and I foresee many people coming to examine it in close-up so I must remember to moisturise!

My Mentalembellisher Necklace

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Repurposed Wooden Scrabble Tiles



I’ve been making wooden scrabble tile pendants for some time now and, although I offer quite a few different ones,  people always seem to go for the same 5 or 6 images and I fancied a change.  I really like these new images, they’re sort of grungy, vintage, fairy taleish, and weirdy so probably no-one else will like them but me.  We’ll see, I can but try. 



New Style Images for Pendants

New Style Images for Pendants



I’ve still got quite a few vintage wooden tiles left which is good because I’m amassing quite a few scrabble boards and racks which I haven’t got much use for!  Maybe I’ll think of something crafty to do with them.  Any ideas anybody?  I’m sure there must be something cool to be made from one of the game boards.

More New Style Images

More New Style Images


One of my Most Popular Current Pendants

One of my Most Popular Current Pendants









When I was in the U.K. recently I saw tons of stuff with the  ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ poster image  – t-shirts, mugs, framed prints, cushions – I suppose it reflects what a lot of people are feeling at  the moment about various aspects of life in the 21st century – the financial crisis, terrorism, swine flu.  Still, at least it shows people still have a sense of humour.

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