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The Eleventh Hour Outfit

I’ve been back from Spain for a while now so, if anybody was wondering, I didn’t drown on the log flume, decide to run away with the circus or take up residence in Salvador Dali’s amazing museum in Figueres (though that was tempting) but have been overtaken by events, one of which was trying to finish my outfit for the OAL (or outfit along).

Despite me being blasé at the beginning  as I thought there would be plenty of time to make a dress and a cardigan in the time given, I have only today been ready to take photographs and it is the final day.

Outfit Along DressEeek! Is that the time?

Outfit Along Dress & CardiganWhy do I keep making everything too big for me lately?  This cardigan is supposed to have ‘negative ease’. Perhaps it’s also too heavy and that’s why I appear to be toppling over.

Outfit Along Cardigan OpenMaybe I’ll just wear it open.

DSC_0047The dress could be cinched in a few inches all over.

Outfit Along Simplicity 1803Despite appearing to have that condition where you have a distorted image of yourself – is it dysmorphia? (I know I could Google it but I’m in the middle of a blog post),  I do like the dress and, next time, will make the smaller size.  I have altered the shoulders as much as I could as they were falling off but it would have been so much easier before it was all constructed.  Duh!

Anyway, I won’t bore you with construction details as I’ll probably do that over on my Ravelry thread and I need to go and feed the dogs (and my daughter) but here’s a glimpse of  why I wanted to live in Salvador Dali’s house.

Dali Museum FigueresMore mannequins than even I have …..

Salvador Daliand something to contemplate on a dull evening.

Sorry for the rushed post but I had to meet the deadline for the OAL .  Off to eat loads of dinner so I can fit into my new outfit.

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