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Useful Doggie Couture

Love this idea from Mailo on Etsy.  You could put your little plastic bags for scooping inside.  Useful and cute!

You can also find knitting patterns in the shop so that you can have a go at knitting your own doggy couture.

I love a good excuse to use a cute animal photo!

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Dog Vogue

My Saturday Selection this week is the ‘Westerly Trench’  from Rover Dog   If you don’t fancy dressing your chihuahua in a pink tutu or your pug in a diamante tiara and favour a more classic style , have a look at their different slant on dog fashion. 


‘The Westerly Trench’ by Rover Dog

If there were magazines for dog clothes (which, for all I know, there may well be) the glitzy outfits would be in the  teen mags and  Rover Dog’s clothes would be in the equivalent of Vogue – would that be Dogue?

Stunning photography too!

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