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What Makes A Happy Birthday?


I suppose when you get past a certain age, and it’s not a birthday with a ‘0’ on the end,  the day can be a bit of   a non-event.  Understandable, of course, as there’s a certain ‘oh no, not another one!  how did that come round so quick?’ feeling about them once you’re over around 35.    So, it’s great when you have a really good day.  When your daughter brings you breakfast in bed, your mum and a friend call to sing ‘happy birthday’ down the phone, the postman brings some cards, you have lunch and a good chat with somebody lovely, have a successful rummage for vintage goodies and have a yummy slice of birthday cake which your husband made for you.    That was the day I had yesterday and it made me feel great  – the sun even came out (briefly) in the afternoon.  I can’t remember who said it (I’ve got a funny feeling it was Nigella Lawson!) but somebdy said  that you should take pleasure in the little things because the really big things don’t happen that often.  So true!

Anyway, luck was on my side for my vintage shopping as I’ve been haunting ebay and other places for ages trying to nab a vintage mannequin.  I didn’t want a new one, or even one that looked too new but, despite bidding for several, I kept losing them as they were going for ridiculous prices and then, of course, the postage would be on top of that.  After my birthday lunch I wandered into a tiny antique place in a local village and, like a vision, there it was.  Had to haggle a bit but got it for a reasonable price.

Vintage French Mannequin

I might paint the stand a lighter colour, can’t decide yet.  I know she’s a bit shabby around the armholes and neck but I think it’s fascinating to see the ancient, yellowed, French newspaper print underneath.  Anyway, I was well pleased!

(Very) Shabby Chic

I also found this gorgeous French money box in the shape of a beehive which you actually have to break to get the money out – as if!!  Also a lovely ashtray made as a promotional item for the French company Japy, which is a gorgeous blue colour and would look great on a desk to keep paperclips or other small paraphernalia in.

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