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Went to Post a Letter – Came Back with a Cupboard

…….as you do. Well, I’ve been trying to tidy up my workroom, which is at the top of the house and nobody else goes in there, so it is allowed to get into a bit of disarray whilst I’m working on stuff.  Modesty (or is it shame) prevents me from showing you a photograph of it.  Anyway, I remembered that there is actually a sofa in there – it turns into a bed and is meant for surplus guests – but I had forgotten because it is covered in pieces of fabric!  So, I thought a cupboard would be more practical.  I found one in the local charity shop (a rare animal in France) which is being delivered next Wednesday.  I was going to paint it but the wood is quite good, might be oak, so I don’t know now, what do you think?

I usually think it’s a shame to paint furniture if the wood is in good condition.  I’ll see what Mr. Tialys thinks when he gets back on Friday.  It might just benefit from a bit of a clean up.

Prior to this, I had been wandering around with a big, old one-eared bear under my arm, like a character from Brideshead Revisited or something, as I had seen him when I first got there and – oh, his little face!  Once I’d decided to buy the cupboard, well and one or two other ‘bits’, I thought I’d better put the one-eared bear back as I had spent far too much already.  But when I went to pay, the man asked me where the bear was and, when I explained, he threw the bear in for free.  Bless!  I’m going to take a great big black sack of donations there tomorrow to balance out the karma (and make more room in my house).

By the way, never did get to the post office.

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