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Feeling My Age

Yesterday, amazingly, I had another birthday.  I think I’m probably having around 4 a year now or is time really going that fast?  Anyway, it all started off well and I had lunch with a good friend but, afterward, I made the mistake of using a Photobooth because I need to renew my driving licence and then I was plunged into depression.

It was so bad, I really think if I used this pic of a gargoyle from my garden it would be less scary.

Anyway, I also saw a box full of abandoned teeny tiny kittens on the counter of a shop and couldn’t help wondering what  would happen to them as the shop was about to close and I knew they didn’t open the following day.  I had to force myself away as I’ve already got 4 cats – all of them abandoned as kittens – and can’t possibly take any more home.  Still, it upset me.

However, when I got home, my daughters had put out the flags!

They’d also made me a cake and had bought me some nice gifts which was all very touching.  Plus, although Mr. Tialys was in England, he had left my present with the girls – very exciting – I am going to set it all up this afternoon.

So, now I know to avoid photobooths at all times but particularly on birthdays after a certain age and to never underestimate the power of a homemade cake and a pot of tea.  (An iPad doesn’t hurt either!)


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