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How To Get What You Want For Christmas

Sometimes you see things that you have to have and, as it’s Christmas, I decided to spend some of the miniscule ‘ profit’  from my crafting endeavours on little gifts that my family might buy me if they could see my list of favourites on Etsy or, at least,  I like to think they would.     Of course, if they could see my list of favourites, they would also see what I’ve earmarked for them so that would spoil the surprise.  Anyway, I promised myself a little gift when I reached 200 shop hearts and then, 300 followed rather quickly due to quite a few front pages in November, so I promised myself another.  Then, every year, I like to add to the mountain of items which are the family Christmas decorations so, had to have a couple of them.  The necklace, I have told my husband, is from him and – how pathetic is this? – I’ve even had it addressed to him so that I don’t get to see it before Christmas day.  Anyway, enough justification, here they are for your delectation and envy.  I have put in a link to the lovely creators but these particular items are mine….all mine…

Felt Camera Case by Plushism

Suede Journal by Kreativlink

Winter Frosted Branch with Aqua Blue Stone by MadebySam



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