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Perfumed Pets

“subdued sweet vanilla notes combined with muted orange woody tones” mmm, I bet that smells divine.  It’s not for you, however, but for your pampered pets.

Today’s Saturday Selection is from Natural Pet Products and is a cologne to make your dog or cat more pleasant to be around.  I must admit, my old golden retriever is a bit smelly – it’s all the oils in her coat which help to repel water when she’s retrieving the ducks and other birds I have shot (not!), so she can’t help it but I think  some subdued sweet vanilla certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

All together now – Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Have a look at Natural Pet Products for some wonderful natural grooming aids for your pets and also for some more gorgeous photos.

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Dog Vogue

My Saturday Selection this week is the ‘Westerly Trench’  from Rover Dog   If you don’t fancy dressing your chihuahua in a pink tutu or your pug in a diamante tiara and favour a more classic style , have a look at their different slant on dog fashion. 


‘The Westerly Trench’ by Rover Dog

If there were magazines for dog clothes (which, for all I know, there may well be) the glitzy outfits would be in the  teen mags and  Rover Dog’s clothes would be in the equivalent of Vogue – would that be Dogue?

Stunning photography too!

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Micro Pigs

On so many levels me wanting one of these is wrong.   I already have 3 dogs, 4 cats and 6 chickens.  I don’t like paying lots of money to breeders  when there are so many animals out there needing homes already.  I suspect a lot of interbreeding must have gone on to produce these little pigs and there may be potential health problems as well as ethical concerns.  But, despite all that, and lots of other reasons I can’t even think of right now, this picture makes me really, really want one.

Micro Pigs - Impossibly Cute


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