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A Cover Up


queen victoria

I seem to have come over all Victorian in that I can’t bear to see a naked machine in my workroom in case anybody is titillated by a glimpse of walking foot or corrupted by a suggestion of a tension knob.  Actually the Victorians get a bad press in the prudish stakes but that is the subject of another post which I most probably won’t write.

Anyway, you may remember I made a highly complicated and fussy cover for one of my sewing machines.  This time I wanted to protect my ‘bargain from Lidl, Pfaff overlocker’  as it is affectionately if long windedly known,  from dust.  ‘Dust?’ I hear you say, ‘Mais, non!’ but I am afraid that, despite my slavish devotion to housework , specks of dust may sometimes appear.  **Pause to perform Heimlich manoeuvre on family members choking on their breakfast**

Anyway, if you have ever tried – and I’m willing to believe you haven’t – it is very difficult to find a pattern for an overlocker cover.  I mean, I know you could just fold a bit of ready quilted fabric in half and run up the sides but I wanted something that actually fit.  Eventually, I found a free pattern here and adapted the measurements to fit my machine.


Sorry about the bad light in the photos today but the weather has been pants here lately and, in order to get this one, I had to squeeze myself between a wall and a console table in a narrow corridor which had the only decent bit of natural light.  Anyway, you get the idea.  Although I am a big girl, I went for some Kawaii type fabric as I liked the kissing bunnies, the bambi and the colours PLUS it came from a local shop so no shipping fees which is always a bonus.  And look, I did piping.  It’s all padded and lined too.  There should have been a pocket on the front but I didn’t add one because I will only fill it with stuff and then it will p*** me off whenever I get the urge to serge.

I know some people like to have covers for kitchen equipment like toasters and mixers and stuff but I haven’t gone down that road.  What about you, dear reader?  Do you feel inclined to swathe your equipment in fabric or do you leave it bare and just flick it over with a feather duster now and then?  (ooer Missus)      Do tell.

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