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A Moan, A Death, A Sale

noahs arkNoah’s Ark by Edward Hicks (1780-1849)

The deluge continues and I have taken a break from gathering my animals together in pairs to put pen to paper as they used to say in the old days.

Our purchase of some new hens last week turned out to be very timely as when I went to check for eggs in the original chicken hut the other day I was confronted with the sight of a very dead chicken.  Dark Sun is no more.  I don’t know what happened but it is the first time one of our hens has had a ‘natural’ death, a couple of others meeting an untimely and undignified end at the hands (paws) of a new pup.  The cockerel, Darth (don’t ask), who hatched at the same time is bereft at the loss of his sister but still makes an awful lot of noise and I suspect the neighbours are sorry that it was she who went first.

HensThe late Dark Sun (bottom centre) proving that kids should never be allowed to name pets!

Anyway to cheer myself up and to celebrate my vintage shop’s 1000th sale (well, the next one will be the 1000th), I have put the whole shop on sale for the very first time just for the weekend so if you fancy having a virtual browse around a French flea market without getting wet, come and have a look.

La Manche

Have a great weekend – I hope you are having better weather than we are.  I’m  off to light the fire – it’s only the 31st May in the south of France after all.


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Is It Summer Yet?


We’ve had so much rain lately I feel it may be time to stop messing about with distressed paint effects on my furniture and start chopping it up to build an ark.  Like Noah, I seem to have been collecting animals for years although I haven’t got matching pairs and, big mistake for the future of  the different species, they’ve all been neutered.  Apart from the hens and cockerel that is,  so at least we’ll have eggs.

I shouldn’t moan, the recent floods further East of us here in the South of France last week were horrendous and we haven’t had anything like that, but what has happened to the weather?   At the moment, it’s better in England than it is here which is most disconcerting.  Anyway, at least it gave me an excuse  to use a work of fine art in my blog. 


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