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‘One Day I Will Get Organised’ Maybe – Probably Not and ‘No More Rescue Dogs’ Maybe – Probably Not

Occasionally I am inspired by my blogging friends who set themselves challenges and goals for the day, the week or even the whole year ahead.

But not for long.

This ‘to do’ list scrawled on a bit of torn out paper is about as organised as I get.

However, I have managed to work through some of those (although it is Thursday and I wrote it on Monday).  I’ve phoned my Mum and my friend Maureen although she isn’t crossed out yet.

I’ve booked a restaurant for lunch tomorrow with some friends.

The ‘Box’ entry is because the customer who ordered a little etui box like this ……..

…..liked it so much she wanted a sewing box in the same fabric.

I didn’t have enough blue bunnies so she settle on pink which I hope she will like.

I wanted to practise some freehand machine embroidery so I made her this card using a piece of the fabric from the interior of the sewing box.

The ‘crochet’ entry is because I’m running out of time to complete my two identical sections of Jane Crow’s ‘Sunshine and Showers’ crochet along before the next section is released.

So I’ve managed one and now have to do an identical one.

The lurid greenish colour in the background is a yoga mat.  Obviously!

I’m worried about wavy edges because there are so many different stitches and colour changes and I’m thinking I’m no expert yet so my tension may well wander so I’m blocking it as I go along – hence the yoga mat.

I  don’t think it’s too bad but I need to have a clean slate before next month’s section is released as some Ravelry users who did this last year say they almost gave up at that point.  Even the designer confesses it to being difficult but rewarding.  Ooer.  Stand by for a row of individual flowers on top of what I’ve already done.  Maybe.

I’ve crossed out ‘Collars’ but really I should leave them on there because, since tagging my Scottie Dog collars as Westies I have been inundated with orders from a French Westie fan club on Facebook.  I know they are a little square jawed for Westies but then most Scotties are black so I consider it to be a generic design.

Talking of dogs, mine are driving me to distraction at the moment.  As happened last year, they graze like cattle on the fallen plums and figs in the garden and, also like cattle, deposit the results in great pancakes.  Then they scent our evenings with their gaseous offerings.  I’ve tried clearing up the fruit as it falls but we have so many trees that it’s a virtually impossible task and the slightest breeze (or dog nudging at the lower branches) releases another load.

It’s just as well really because, knowing my love of German Shepherd type dogs my friend sent me this photo of a pup that has recently arrived at the dog rescue.

Then, when I foolishly investigated further, I saw this handsome fella

I’ve also heard, separately, of two young Pyreneen Mountain dogs who need a new home.  Mr. T says it must be a sign but he’s not here all the time so I’m just going to go out in the garden and shovel up some more fallen fruit – both undigested and digested – to remind me that three dogs is already plenty.

I haven’t forgotten the  ‘hatboxes’ entry and must do something with the hatbox quilt blocks before the end of the month as that is supposed to be a monthly ‘challenge’.  See, I do try.

The ‘Conservatory’ entry is sort of housework related so we won’t worry about that –  ‘after all, tomorrow is another day’




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Lost Dog Found

Don’t panic, I haven’t added yet another homeless waif to my brood – this one is made of fabric and is one of the gorgeous blocks that Avis at OhSewTempting sent me back in the mists of time – well October anyway – as part of the F2F block swap I’m participating in but, because of a mix up with the postcode, we thought they were lost for all time.


Thank goodness they weren’t because they are all gorgeous but the dog one especially .

Even though the post office had changed the postcode to the correct one on the envelope, they still sent it back to the U.K. instead of forwarding it on to the correct region of France.  What were they thinking? Still, I’m just grateful they are here now.

My F2F blocks from Avis

The other three blocks are stunning too.  I’m going to have the best quilt in the world and nobody will be able to tell me different;)

Speaking of dogs, which I sort of was, I have been so disorganised leading up to Christmas this year that there has been a run on the dog collars I make to raise funds for the dog and cat shelter and I have run out of webbing.  No hope of new stock getting here in time for anybody ordering them as Christmas gifts, so unless people want red or brown collars, they can’t have one.  What a muppet!! Still, it was my first Christmas making these and I hadn’t really thought of them as being more popular at this time of year.

So, my best seller has had to be taken off the ‘virtual’  shelves

Chelsea Dog Collar

Come on you blues!!

Who knew there’d be so many Chelsea fans in the States?

but you’re in luck if you love a Scottie.

Scotty Dog Collar

For those of you worried that I spent loads of money on a cat tree which will sit sadly, bereft of any living thing, in a corner – worry no more.

9 week old kittens

The kittens have taken to it big time.  Although they do like climbing up the centre of the Jade Tree plant in the conservatory too.  Well, they like climbing up anything really – as kittens do.  Also the ‘Ungrateful Baggage’ mentioned in an earlier post who was showing no interest, has managed to get herself into the very highest basket where the kittens can’t quite yet reach.  She sits there with a regal and self satisfied air which is what cats do.

Top of the Cat Tree

Another week and he’ll be up there.

(Note the thing that had feathers to start with denuded and hanging limply from the top level)

Have you suddenly come to the realisation that there are things you wanted to do for Christmas that aren’t going to happen now?

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Flo’s Five-A-Day

Hello all, it’s Flo the guest blogger again.  The Missus is in a slight depression because she is on some sort of ‘fast’ – something to do with not buying any fabric for a year or something – so she said I could do the post today.

This is me – gorgeous aren’t I?  I am not on a fast of any sort.  In fact I wanted to make sure that, like me, you are getting your five portions of fruit and veg a day so that you too can be glossy and beautiful with a nice wet nose.

Rescue Dog

I love fruit and will go to great lengths to get it.  I like it when mangoes are ‘two for the price of one’ in the market because the Missus won’t notice if I take one out of the fruit bowl.  I just need to make sure she doesn’t find the chewed up stone on the rug like she did last time.  She said ‘fruit doesn’t grow on trees you know’ which is patently untrue because here is a picture of me posing beneath my favourite tree where the plums hang down low enough for me to reach.  I think she was trying to be funny because she laughed a lot after she said it although the rest of the humans groaned.

Dog with Plums

I was quite upset when the plums were finished but now I’ve found that I love figs.  Apart from the Missus, who eats them with cream cheese and bagels, the humans in the house don’t like figs so she used to pick them and share them with me and my boys and the chickens.  I call the other dogs ‘my boys’ because, even though I’m the youngest and I’m a girl, I’m in charge and I boss them around.  The Missus calls me a ‘dominant bitch’  – is that a good thing do you think?

Dog eating Fig

Here I am with one of the figs that I sourced myself.  I would prefer it with cream cheese too but don’t want to push my luck.

dog licking lips

They really are delicious.  I don’t mind if I get the ones with wasp poo inside either.

Dog eating figs from tree

This is why the Missus doesn’t share with me any more.  I pick my own.

dog picking figs

Sometimes I have to get a bit inventive but it’s all in a good cause.  It is very important to get your five a day.  I actually prefer fifteen or twenty.


My oldest boy ‘Taz’ relies on me to shake down some fruit for him as he’s not quite as athletic as he used to be.  I don’t mind though because he has introduced me to the delights of windfall apples.

Dog Tennis Ball

The other one is only interested in his tennis ball – you can tell by my face what I think of his silliness.

The Missus says that she thinks I might be addicted but at least clearing up after me in the garden is a much more ‘fruity’ experience which I think might be a good thing.  However, she doesn’t seem quite so pleased about the other results which are often to be heard (and smelt, apparently) when I’m lying on the sofa in the evening.

Maybe you should just stick to five portions.

Do your pets eat fruit? It can’t just be me can it?

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Like A Dog With Two Tails

Do you remember Blacky who did a ‘guest post‘ on my blog a few weeks back?

He is a dog at our Rescue Centre who was left behind by his owners when they moved house and has spent three years in a concrete run as, being an ‘ordinary’ looking dog he keeps getting overlooked by potential adopters.

Well look at him today

Rescue Dog Goes Home

He’s off home with his new owner.

Sorry, not sorry, for the grainy photo but I expect whoever took it at the Shelter today was shaking with excitement as everybody loved him and couldn’t understand why he was still there.

I thought I’d just let you know as some of you expressed an interest in hearing the end of his story which looks like it will be a happy one.


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Hot Dogs and Cool Cats

I think I chose the hottest day of the year so far to go and walk some dogs at the dog shelter at Carcassonne yesterday.  At first, they thought it might be too hot for the dogs to go out but, a tiny breeze sprung up and it was decided that it would be O.K. as long as we didn’t go too far.

We tested out a dog’s tolerance of cats by taking in him in the cat house to see how he got on.   Filou, as the little dog in question is called,  didn’t seem bothered at all and the cats seem to sense this as several were rubbing themselves against him and purring and generally being chilled as only cats can be, even in 30 degrees or more.


I took my camera and, because I am in ‘dog botherer’ mode at the moment, as always after a visit to the kennels, you can read more about the dogs I’ve featured by clicking  on the photos.

Gus (1)

Handsome isn’t he?

Hindy (4)

I just love those ears.


Gorgeous Gordon who is at a disadvantage here in France because they tend not to like black dogs.


Hopefully these 5 month old beautiful black pups will fare better.

Too Shy

Some were just too shy to come out of their kennels

Rescue Dog Beauceron - Fanta

and some weren’t shy at all!


Normal (sewing, crafting, knitting and general musings) service will be resumed shortly but thanks for reading and for looking at my photos.

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Stan Claws

On my recent trip to the U.K., when I was shopping with my daughter, she forced me persuaded me to buy this outfit.  I gave in.  Don’t judge me.


As usual, Stan was philosophical about things especially as there was a ball being held aloft for him to lust after.

StanClaws2014 (2)

Flo was more of a struggle which, in the end, proved unequal.

StanClaws2014 (1)

and sometimes, as with Taz, there’s a look in the eyes that tells you a santa hat, let alone a full costume, will not be tolerated.

So, as usual, it’s Stan who proved my best model(allowing me, incidentally, to donate 60 euros so far from the dog bandanas I make in aid of the the local dog rescue)  and illustrates my wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all my regular readers, commenters,  lurkers, and just dropping byers wherever you are in the world.


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Sugar Plum Flo and Other Dogs

We have masses and masses of plums on our trees at the moment and two of my dogs spend hours foraging for them, eating them and leaving me to clean up after them which, after a diet rich in fruit, is quite time consuming as you can imagine.   Why can’t I have a dog that hunts for truffles making lots of money for me in the process?

Dog Searching for PlumsNote the lushness of the grass in August – normally it is brown and dead – an indication of how pants the weather has been this summer.   I think we might have to move somewhere with a better climate like the U.K.  😉

Dog Eating PlumsTwo plums spotted.  Note the gleam in her eye.

Talking of Flo, I have mentioned before that we got her from the dog rescue at Carcassonne or the S.P.A.  My friend Karen hosts what has become an annual event at her home whereby people buy a ticket, come and eat some good food, buy drinks for a euro, fork out for some raffle tickets (hopefully) then strut their stuff at the ‘disco’ afterwards  and in the process we raise money for the dogs and cats in the kennels.

S.P.A. Carcassonne Fund RaiserSomebody made this cake and bought it along.  I’m not sure what sort of dog that is but it’s chocolate which is all you really need to know.

S.P.A. Fundraiser July 2014Lovely company, beautiful French scenery (the sunflowers were in full bloom in the local fields, thank you Monsieur Farmer) and, after some rumbles of thunder, it was a beautiful evening.

S.P.A. DogsLots of photographs of dogs available for adoption to make people go ‘aaaah’ and, hopefully adopt or volunteer to sponsor or go and walk the dogs from time to time.

Thanks to everybody’s generosity we made over 1500 euros for the S.P.A.. which should pay for some food, flea collars and veterinary care.

I did my bit too.  I made a non-alcoholic punch for the drivers (like me)  and teetotallers (not like me) , called a ‘Luscious Slush Punch’  because you freeze part of it and then add lemonade when you’re ready, resulting in a chilled,  slushy, fruity punch drink.  However, in my mad rush to get there on time, I  mistakenly grabbed a tub of chicken stock from the freezer instead of one of the three  frozen punch mixtures I had prepared in advance.  Luckily, Mr. T. was one of the barmen and, after looking at the suspicious colour,  realised what had happened and refrained from serving it to anybody.  The resident dogs were pleased with it.  At least it made people laugh although they might not have done if it had got as far as their glass.

Here’s where to find the recipe should you wish to make the fruit version.  It’s American but I substituted jelly powder for the jello – when I wasn’t substituting chicken stock that is – and it seemed to work fine. ( Tip:  Do not add as much sugar as the recipe calls for – at least halve it!!)

I was going to do a bit of a knitting update but that might be a bit too much info in one post so I’ll do that tomorrow instead.

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Warm Days, Cool Nights

 After a tiring day playing in the garden, chasing butterflies and chewing up gardening gloves

Cat & Dog

when you can hardly hold the weight of your own head up any more

Cuddling cat & dog

It’s nice to have somebody to snuggle up with in front of the fire

dog & cat with fire

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Flo’s Progress – A Dog’s Diary

Since I came to live here from the dog rescue in January, I have been settling in nicely.

This week has been busy for me and The Missus says, because of that, she hasn’t been able to get much done.

Today, for instance, I rolled in fox poo when we were out on our walk and had my very first bath.  I didn’t like it.  Afterward, I ran straight out and jumped in the fish pond so that I would smell nice again.

I have four cats to play with but, I’m not sure they like me as much as I like them.  Henry peed in my dog bed this morning and The Missus said, cat pee smells so bad the bed would have to go in the washing machine.  However, as I had chewed a lot of my dog bed up, the stuffing was coming out so she had to sew it up with upholstery thread before she could put it in the machine.

Beau is my favourite cat.  He is very dog friendly and always comes to see me first when he comes through the cat flap.

Flo'sPets (3)I love to collect things from around the house.  The Missus says she wouldn’t mind  but I have a habit of chewing them up.  Because of this, I have to sleep in the kitchen at night and not with the other dogs.  So far this week I have enjoyed four dog blankets, the aforementioned dog bed, two pairs of prescription glasses, a skirting board, a set of four vintage buttons, a garden clog, a voodoo doll (don’t ask) , a roll of sellotape, a packet of Customs labels, one of a pair of gardening gloves and a PS3 remote.

Flo's Dogs (1)

I like that Beau and I are sort of colour coordinated

Flo's Dogs (2)

and sometimes we have ‘who has the longest tongue’ competitions.  I always win.

I know sometimes I get called a pain in the arse – I think it’s a term of affection – and The Missus says I will ‘mature’ as the other dogs have done so I don’t think she regrets getting me from the refuge because she often asks “who persuaded me to get another dog?” and I think it’s because she wants to thank them.

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Let’s Go Flo – A Change of Subject

Today, I have a guest blogger – much more photogenic than me and less verbose.

This is me, my name is Flo. I was found wandering the streets, in the rain, in November.

Rescue Dog

Somebody took me to the dog pound and when nobody claimed me after ten days I was transferred to the refuge.  Luckily, I ended up in a pound with a refuge attached otherwise I might have been put to sleep.  I think I might have lived with a family before – the Missus says I’m house trained – but they didn’t think to identify me in any way so the Refuge couldn’t contact them.

Rescue CollieThe refuge was noisy and a bit scary and I had to share my kennel with a great big labrador who was very friendly but he nicked all the food.   The people at the refuge named me ‘Froggy’.  The Missus says it must be because of my weird back legs.  I don’t know what she means.

Collie Cross DogThe Mister and Missus decided they had space for another dog and they wanted to help out the local Refuge who are always so crowded so they came to choose a dog on New Year’s Eve.  There were so many gorgeous dogs they said they had a really difficult choice but, as you can see, I’m stunning, and I know how to get round people so here I am relaxing on the grass which is much more comfy than concrete.


 Here is another dog the Mister and Missus were considering.  His name is Igloo and I must admit he’s rather gorgeous.  I’m surprised he hasn’t been homed yet.

Rescue DogsThis is me playing with one of my new brothers, Stan, who was also found wandering in the street – by the Missus herself – he was microchipped but when the owner was contacted they said they didn’t want him anymore -he was only 7 months old.

DogsCan you tell by my face what I think about his obsession with tennis balls?

Happy Dogs

He is actually quite handsome

Waiting for Treats

Here’s my other new brother, Taz, he’s 8 now but he was thrown out of a car at 7 weeks old along with his brother.  Luckily, some youngsters saw it and took them  into a local vet where, it just so happened, the Missus arrived shortly afterwards with one of her cats and ended up taking him home with her.  I am pretending not to be interested in the training treats on offer…..

Three Rescue Dogs

………….but I couldn’t keep it up!

Sleeping Dog

At the end of the day, I can snuggle up on the sofa and my seven weeks in the Refuge seems like a distant dream.

Our local refuge, in Carcassonne,  does a marvellous job but they get very little funding and rely on donations and, of course, on people adopting  the dogs (and cats of course!)

I don’t want to be preachy, especially on what is normally a craft blog, but if you are ever looking for a dog to share your life, please don’t forget to consider a rescue dog, it can be so rewarding and you may have saved a life.

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