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Tialys’ Red and White Period

Like Picasso, I am going through a ‘period’ where I favour certain colours.  Unlike Picasso, mine is red not blue.  Also, unlike Picasso  I’m not an incredibly talented, world famous artist but, let’s not quibble – I’m not Spanish either.

Last October, when I went to visit my friend who was housesitting, I found this slubbly spotted linen and immediately thought it would lend itself to one of my hexagonal work boxes.  Finally, I have got around to making it.  I used, on the inside, a linen blend fabric I found at a craft fair which is a finer weave and more suited to the interior.

Meanwhile, my little sewing group has been working on this pattern we found in a French crafts magazine from back in 2000 and, although I am quite pleased with the result, it was a pain in the derrière to make.  The instructions were really bad – and don’t blame my French, as my two fellow group members are French so it wasn’t my fault.

It’s quite sweet though and when I have figured out exactly where to insert the piece of wooden dowelling – no suggestions please! – it can be hung from a hook and, when you want your needles, threads, etc. you unhook the ribbons and – voila!

What I love the most though is this gorgeous teapot which I made from my blogging friend RicRac‘s awesome pattern.  I just love it.  I will have a go at the cup and saucer next .

And, finally, my plan to do a patchwork block a week with my group commenced with the ‘Tumbling Blocks’ pattern as it came first in the sampler book I have and is fairly straightforward.  Also, I am determined to stop being a slave to my machine and I am only going to do the hand pieced blocks which is much more sensible – and sociable – when you are round somebody else’s house.  Everybody will be needing different coloured thread and constantly rethreading the sewing machine then trundling away at 90 mph is not conducive to socialising and, in my case, learning French.  So, I’m getting out the Sharps no. 8s (and needle threader) for these blocks.  I don’t know what I am making yet but if I keep the colour scheme similar, if I want to and have made enough blocks, it could become a quilt.

Did you guess it was going to be red?  (obviously not the finished item – 4 more tumbling blocks to go and, even though my hand quilting isn’t brilliant, it won’t be as large as these tacking stitches  –  just saying…)

Anyway, apart from the blocks which I am going to do at the weekly group, all my current projects are finished.  SO!  Does this mean I can go back to Madamoiselle Tialys’ 18th birthday quilt which should have been finished last August but is still languishing in the cupboard?  Yes.  Well, hopefully.  By the time she either has her 19th birthday or, failing that, leaves for University, I will have that quilt finished and wrapped up to present to her.  And, this time, I won’t be asking for it back in order to finish it.  That’s the plan anyway.  By the way, if you have forgotten or didn’t see my earlier posts on the subject – her quilt is predominantly red.  I’m spotting a theme.

Happy Jubilee long weekend to everybody back in the ‘old country’ – I’ll definitely be putting up some bunting and coming over all ‘monarchist’ on Sunday – I’ve even got my souvenir issue of the Radio Times with the new portrait on the front – can’t quite decide about that portrait but let’s just say I’m glad it’s not of me.


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RicRac and The Baxter Story

Normally, for my Saturday Selection, I feature an item that somebody has made but this Saturday I wanted to feature a person who has not only made an item but has concocted a whole life story around it which has captivated lots of readers on her blog.  I have featured Jodie of RicRac on here before  as she is the incredibly talented creator of the selvedge dress (among other such wonders) but she also makes soft toys, or plushies, and then makes the pattern available so that us lesser mortals can try to emulate her.

At the moment, Jodie  is writing a story around her new character  Baxter,  a hedgehog with a tiny little hole inside of him.   The writing is good but  Jodie’s photographs of Baxter with simple but oh so effective illustrations and props, really make this the hedgehog soap opera of the year!!  You have got to go and catch up with Baxter and see whether his story has a happy ending.  If it doesn’t, I don’t know what I’m going to do!!

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More Reasons Not to Do The Ironing

I have just received my pattern, from the ultra talented Jodie of RicRac, and now I’m all set to make a bag from selvedges.  Why? is,  I suppose, a not unreasonable question but if you have ever seen her dress or her chair cover made from selvedges you would want to duplicate just a tiny, tiny part of that amazing creativity from the bits that you would normally cut from the rest of the fabric and  throw in the bin. (see my post about RicRac for enlightenment).  I have been obsessively saving all my selvedges since I first realised that you could actually use them for something but, alas, I have spotted on the pattern that you are supposed to leave at least 1/4″ of the rest of the fabric attached to the selvedge.  oops!  Oh well, if I haven’t got enough, I’ll just carry on  collecting until I have.  I can always carry on using the ones that are too skinny for tying up gifts and packages instead of ribbon – they look surprisingly good.

RicRac's Pattern

Meanwhile, I have been having a bit of a 70s retrospective.  I was never a punk (I couldn’t stand the music then) but my husband was and, over the years, I have mellowed towards the Sex Pistols, the Ruts, the Dead Kennedys and the Buzzcocks and occasionally find myself actually liking some of it.  I was inspired to make (another) owl in Punkish mode – I would have preferred a red mohican but I had this pink stuff so he’s a bit of a gentle punk – less Sid Vicious, more Kevin Kindly, still you get the idea.

A Little Bit Punkish

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