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Bonne Fete A Toutes Les Mamans

It’s Mothers’ Day here in France today.

I hope everybody received something as lovely as an emerald brooch in amongst  garden picked roses like I did!



(Sorry for the lack of accents in the title but I need to do tricky things on my keyboard to produce them and then they don’t always appear)

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Rainy Bank Holiday

I used to think it was just in England that it always seemed to rain on a bank holiday but, today anyway, it  is a very rainy day in the South of France.  It stopped me going vintage hunting this morning so I’m a bit fed up about that.  Still, every cloud…… and I thought I’d get started on another hexagonal box as I sold my Moda Scissors one last week.  I bought these two fabrics with a sewing box in mind and, obviously, they will both be very different styles but which one to make first?

Vintage Newspaper or Cute Forest Friends?

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