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Stan Claws

On my recent trip to the U.K., when I was shopping with my daughter, she forced me persuaded me to buy this outfit.  I gave in.  Don’t judge me.


As usual, Stan was philosophical about things especially as there was a ball being held aloft for him to lust after.

StanClaws2014 (2)

Flo was more of a struggle which, in the end, proved unequal.

StanClaws2014 (1)

and sometimes, as with Taz, there’s a look in the eyes that tells you a santa hat, let alone a full costume, will not be tolerated.

So, as usual, it’s Stan who proved my best model(allowing me, incidentally, to donate 60 euros so far from the dog bandanas I make in aid of the the local dog rescue)  and illustrates my wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all my regular readers, commenters,  lurkers, and just dropping byers wherever you are in the world.


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