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More Than Just A Scarf

When keeping warm, there’s no reason not to do it in style.  Today’s Saturday Selection is an incredible creation by Irregular  Expressions.

I knit and have dabbled in crochet but I do need a pattern.  I have always fancied designing my own knitted creations but I’m not sure whether I would have ever come up with something this amazing.  Have a look at some of the other creations in this lovely shop.

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A Great Big Knit

Every now and again, usually when I see my mother and regress into childhood, I get the urge to knit something.  I learnt to knit when I was very small and have probably knitted everything from scarves and tea cosys to dresses and coats in all sorts of wool from the chunkiest to the finest.  Although I love knitting there are a few things that bother me about it. 

Firstly, it is time consuming and hideously expensive, if you use good quality materials, you end up with an item that is practically worthy of heirloom status.

Secondly, it is one craft that I can’t do in isolation.  I like to take myself of to my Lady Shed (aka my workroom) to undertake any sort of creative process involving fabric, card or paper but I have to knit whilst doing something else.  Ideally, I like to knit whilst watching a film or something on T.V. but, if I do this I usually end up regretting it as the lighting in my lounge is not conducive to anything other than watching the telly and falling asleep in front of it.  I can manage if the wool is bog standard double knitting or chunky and the item is stocking stitch or garter stitch but, anything more complicated than that, something is bound to go wrong and then I spend the next couple of hours picking up dropped stitches and wondering how many rows I’ve done.

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, I never wear knitwear.  Well, other than scarves that is.  So, even when I use beautiful, expensive wool, knit it really carefully and finish it with proper blocking and everything, it doesn’t get worn.  Maybe, by the time I’ve finished a garment, I’m so sick of the sight of it, I never want to see it again!

Which leads me, finally, to my new project.  I saw a pattern for a cowl type scarfy thing and thought it looked really good and, as it used super chunky wool, would be quick.  Anyway, bought the pattern (on a pdf file from the U.S.) then realised that the yarn used is impossible to get hold of in the U.K. and is quite hard to find in the U.S.(didn’t even bother looking in France) and the circular needles used are such a large size that not many people stock them. 

15mm (or 19 US) Circular Needles


I picture these here for your delectation, wonder and speculation on whether they might not also be used in some sort of surgical procedure of the worst kind.

Having finally found a supplier who had this size circular needle in stock (albeit in the U.K.), I discovered she also stocked some super chunky pure wool which is of a similar gauge to the recommended wool.  Hoorah!  So I ordered a couple of skeins in a soft, silvery grey colour and set to work.

After not too long I ended up with a satisfyingly long piece of knitting which, once I got used to the monster needles, had been pretty painlessly produced. 

Growing Nicely

I am pleased enough with the result to have ordered some more wool in different colours.  It also fulfils all my criteria for a pleasurable knitting experience:  not too expensive, I can watch T.V. at the same time and I will actually wear it.  Hooray!

One Way of Wearing it.

Thank-you to Megan who modelled it and then nabbed it for herself!

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