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ScrapHappy February 2021

After a hard day working from home, Flo looks forward to her dinner.
When we had lots of space, we had this double bowl holder in the kitchen which is raised so she and Stan didn’t have to strain their necks when enjoying their food.
Very good it was too but now we live in the dolls’ house, we don’t have the floor space for such a large feeding station.
We do, however, have a lovely big larder and I ordered some storage bins to go in at floor level in order to empty the 15kg and 10kg dog and cat food sacks into.  This is a necessary step as leaving the food in the sacks is apt to result in teeny teeth (cats) or larger teeth (dogs) tearing the paper, or plastic they’re not fussy, before digging into the contents in an attempt to bring forward the usual feeding times.
So, the bottom shelf in the larder had to come out to make room for the storage bins and we were left with a wide laminated shelf with nowhere to go.
Until I had a lightbulb moment 💡 and Mr. Tialys had a toolbox rummage.  He cut the shelf to fit one of the bottom kitchen drawers, cut two holes in it and a new dog feeder was born which can be closed when dinner is finished and forgotten about until the next meal.
Then at the end of a busy day and a hearty meal Flo can resume her evening duties as a cat cushion.


Scraphappy Day is organised by Kate & Gun for anybody who wants to make new things from scraps of any kind – doesn’t have to be fabric or yarn.  Here’s a list of participants – both regular and occasional – if you want to have a look at the sort of things you can do with scraps.

Contact Kate (first name on the list) if you want to join in.

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