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Zip It!


Considering I’m always trying to avoid making clothes with zips, I have been taking the bull by the horns, facing up to my fears, throwing caution to the wind, putting the zipper foot on and making zippered bags like a woman possessed.

Here are some boxy ones – a shape that I think would make a cool man’s washbag too in the right fabric.  It’s always difficult finding hand made gifts suitable for blokes I find.  Unless you knit socks, which I do, but very slowly.

Boxy Zipped Pouches

Some cosmetic pouches (or anything you want pouches).

Cosmetic Bags

I’ve got some lovely linen/canvas type fabrics in my stash that I don’t use for patchwork or clothing so these are ideal.

Everybody’s getting one of these for Christmas this year – maybe even my Stitching Santa partners but I’m not spilling the beans.

A sneaky peak at what I’ve sent my stitching partner and, no, that’s not a cot bumper at the back.

Stitching Santa Wrapped Up

Not to be opened until Christmas morning!

Stitching Santa Sneak View

I found the knitting Stitching Santa a bit more of a challenge for reasons I won’t divulge.

Wood and wool sheet

However, it is packed up – just looking for the right size box and it will be on its way.


So, speaking of handmade gifts suitable for men, I now need to get my act together and finish Mr. T’s quilt otherwise his stocking will be a bit empty on Christmas morning.

How are your festive preparations coming on?  Why does time appear to pass much more quickly at this time of year?

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Super Secret Santa

Secret Santa

This year I thought I’d enter for Sewchet’s Stitching Santa and, if that weren’t enough devilment for one day, I entered her Knitting Santa too.

We are supposed to blog a bit about the goodies we have made for our secret swap partners and take little teaser photographs.

However, I was in such a rush to get my parcels in the Christmas post that I completely forgot to photograph either the contents or the exteriors of the two packages I sent out .

Well,  you can’t get more secret than that!

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