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Retiring the Old Sewing Machine.

I love getting parcels – it is one of my excuses for ordering so much stuff online.

The Parcel Arrives

My old Singer (well,not that old actually) has tried my patience for too long.  Usually waiting until I have some topstitching to do, it decides to snarl up the threads –  usually at bobbin level so I don’t realise until I’ve sewn the complete thing.  Enough with the swearing and the gnashing of teeth! Time to get a new machine.  I didn’t want to spend loads but I wanted something reliable and, in particular, as I am prone to making things with multi layers and, sometimes, coffee sacks, something that could handle thickness and ruffty tuffty stuff.  After finding  a  fantastic online shop,, I pinned the make down to a Janome.  Then, of course, which model to choose?  So many, and so many features.  Yes, I want a top loading bobbin, yes I want an adjustable pressure foot for thick layers, no I don’t want zillions of fancy stitches – aaaaaaargh!!  Finally, after many ‘happy’ hours, I was reading yet another forum thread and came across this review on a Janome model  As this reviewer is a bag maker and so needs a machine that can handle layers, she sold me on this one.  Shame I was too late for the giveaway competition but I never win them anyway.

A Peep Inside

I ordered this sewing machine from the U.K. on a Sunday evening and it arrived in France on the Wednesday lunchtime and shipping was free!!!

Also, I got all these goodies and they even threw in an adaptor for the foreign plug!

Free Goodies from Sewing Machines Direct

I may never have to buy thread again – well, some of those colours anyway!

I have had a little play on my new machine – the instruction manual is a doddle – and finished my topstitching but I’ll let you know how I get on with it after a couple of weeks hard graft.

Don’t you just love it when everything goes smoothly?

My New Machine

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