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What’s In The Box Flo?


I don’t know who was more excited today – me or the dog.

Dog on BOx

Of course, she was only interested in the cardboard box but this was inside

Babylock Imagine

My new baby.

With jet air threading and no fiddling with tension, I won’t know I’m born.

Can’t wait to run up a wrap dress or two.

I could have ordered it here in France but I wanted to use my U.K. bank account to pay for it and I have used this company in the U.K. several times before and have always found them to offer an excellent service.  Plus, it was free delivery even to France.

Look at all the free goodies I got too.

Free Stuff with Overlocker

There’s a blind hem foot, an elastic foot and a beading foot and even though I’ve never felt the need to put beads on a garment before, you just never know.  Bless them, they even included an adaptor plug as I’m in foreign parts.

I’m a little worried about this though.

Easy threading instructions

It brings to mind the card in the back of the seat in front on aircraft that you have to look at but it scares the life out of you when you do.  I always cringe when they say ‘when you hear the words ‘brace, brace’, ‘ and fervently hope that I never do.

I haven’t had a play yet because I want at least a clear afternoon when I can closet myself away with my new baby so that we can bond.

I’ll let you know how we get on.

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Retiring the Old Sewing Machine.

I love getting parcels – it is one of my excuses for ordering so much stuff online.

The Parcel Arrives

My old Singer (well,not that old actually) has tried my patience for too long.  Usually waiting until I have some topstitching to do, it decides to snarl up the threads –  usually at bobbin level so I don’t realise until I’ve sewn the complete thing.  Enough with the swearing and the gnashing of teeth! Time to get a new machine.  I didn’t want to spend loads but I wanted something reliable and, in particular, as I am prone to making things with multi layers and, sometimes, coffee sacks, something that could handle thickness and ruffty tuffty stuff.  After finding  a  fantastic online shop,, I pinned the make down to a Janome.  Then, of course, which model to choose?  So many, and so many features.  Yes, I want a top loading bobbin, yes I want an adjustable pressure foot for thick layers, no I don’t want zillions of fancy stitches – aaaaaaargh!!  Finally, after many ‘happy’ hours, I was reading yet another forum thread and came across this review on a Janome model  As this reviewer is a bag maker and so needs a machine that can handle layers, she sold me on this one.  Shame I was too late for the giveaway competition but I never win them anyway.

A Peep Inside

I ordered this sewing machine from the U.K. on a Sunday evening and it arrived in France on the Wednesday lunchtime and shipping was free!!!

Also, I got all these goodies and they even threw in an adaptor for the foreign plug!

Free Goodies from Sewing Machines Direct

I may never have to buy thread again – well, some of those colours anyway!

I have had a little play on my new machine – the instruction manual is a doddle – and finished my topstitching but I’ll let you know how I get on with it after a couple of weeks hard graft.

Don’t you just love it when everything goes smoothly?

My New Machine

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