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Down The Lane

Today it is sunny here in rural Dorset.  I was beginning to think we’d moved to Ireland as the rain has been pretty relentless since we moved here.  The villagers we meet on our dog walks keep telling us how glorious it is around here in the spring and summer but, until then, I am determined to appreciate our new surroundings, especially when the sun makes a rare appearance.

I took the opportunity to walk down the lane to the post box unencumbered by the dogs for a change as, when I’m with them, it’s an unequal struggle to keep hold of their leads let alone wield a camera.

We live in an area famous for its stables of racing horses.  I know absolutely nothing about horses despite having quite a few ‘horsey’ friends.  These three might be retired or just kept for riding as they always seem to be in this barn whenever we pass by and I usually give them a stroke, even though I’m a bit scared of their big teeth.

Just past the horses we have a traditional red telephone kiosk.

There’s no telephone in it anymore but it is lit up at night and is maintained by the local community as explained by this notice inside.

(BT = British Telecom)

After that you approach the church  This parcel of land was donated for the building of a new church in the fifteenth century. A transept was added in the sixteenth century, but this was rebuilt in the early eighteenth century (1729), when the old one was considered too small for the congregation. The whole church was enlarged in 1882 and amongst other memorials, the church contains a thirteenth-century stone effigy of a crusader.  I’ve yet to go inside but I will do one day.

Carrying on down the lane past this tree that I imagine has seen years of flailing to keep the bank and hedgerow encroaching on the road so that it appears in cross section.

Further along the bank the snowdrops are flourishing

and looking lovely in the dappled sunlight.

Letter posted and on the way back past the old rectory

and the church.

Then past the stile that leads up the hill and over the fields – a walk I’m leaving until the ground has dried out a little bit otherwise the dogs – and possibly me – will need a hose down.

then back home again

where, in case you think I’ve given up on doing anything creative, I have just downloaded a zero waste dressmaking pattern as a little (or maybe big) challenge to myself.  More of which in a future post.


I hope the sun is shining where you are but, in the time it has taken me to write this post, the rain is back.

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