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The Spa Experience

 The Spa Experience by Hold the Flour

Today’s ‘Saturday Selection’ (which, for a change, I’ve actually remembered to do on saturday and not sunday) was inspired by my birthday treat to my daughter.  Well, it was a treat for me too as I went with her.  Another mother/daughter team called ‘Hold the Flour’ concoct these gorgeous ‘cakes’ for lots of different occasions such as  baby showers, birthdays and weddings.  What lovely gifts! Find them here

We went to some thermal baths up in the foothills of the local ski station yesterday and it was gorgeous.  I’d never been to ‘the baths’ before and I didn’t really know what to expect.  Lots of bubbles, waves, splashing, pouring and other water related fun and, the best bit, it was all almost as warm as a bath.  Well, unless you count the ‘frigidarium’ and the bucket of ice cold water that you were supposed to empty over yourself, by means of a pull rope, after the sauna but I left all that nonsense to the brave and the mad and kept to the warm bits.


Unfortunately, we’d left it too late to book any ‘treatments’  so I’ll have to leave the massage until next time I go.  Anyway, whilst floating about and allowing strenuous jets and bubbles to make my wobbly bits wobble under water, I remembered how important it is sometimes to just take yourself out of your usual surroundings, do something a bit different and RELAX.



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Coffee Sack Punk

A little while ago I  made one of my coffee sack owls as a punk and my daughter really liked it and asked if she could have it but, before I had the chance to take it out of the shop, somebody bought it.

Tomorrow it’s her birthday and we are going to float around in healing waters at some baths in a spa town further up in the mountains!  Then we’ll have lunch and in the evening we may go to a very old chateau where they are having a ‘spectacle’ involving lots of  fireworks. 

Plus, she’ll get her punk.

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