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Sunday Stunners

I took a break from sewing and felting to throw a ball for the dogs and indulge in a bit of outdoor photography for a change as there are some particularly pretty goings on in the garden at the moment.  The photos are mostly in close up so you can’t see the weeds.

Rhododendron growing in a pot on the terrace.

Hundreds and hundreds of tiny yellow roses climbing up the terrace wall.

Capturing this beautiful peony before the rain spoils it.

Snowball Viburnum before it turns white.

White Lilac

Lilac Lilac going mad in the old chicken run

Phlox on Stone

Rhododendron again just because.

I’ve probably never appreciated my garden as much as I do at the moment as well as all the hard work Mr. Tialys has put into it over the years to make it somewhere lovely to be – weeds and all.  We actually ate weeds the other day.  He made a nettle and cleaver omelette served with garlic mustard leaves for lunch.  I was a bit suspicious but he had some too and I’m still here and probably full of nutrients.




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A Heavy Load

We have this really old tree peony in the garden which has fantastic big blooms every year.  Always, there are irridescent green beetles nestled inside the petals which are huge and shiny and look just like brooches.  I was trying to get a photo of one of those but they were buried too deep inside. However,  I did see this bee with his legs weighed down by nectar, barely able to stay airborne!

and lift off……..

I’ll try and capture one of the ‘brooch beetles’ another day.

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