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Loving the Rust

Vide grenier season is here – hoorah!  I went to two local ones yesterday and even managed to drag Mr. Tialys along with the promise of plants for sale.  They were listed as vide grenier (empty your attic) and vide jardin (empty your garden) so he was tempted  but any hopes were dashed as, to be honest, people don’t seem to raise their own plants here as much as they do in the U.K. – well, not in my neck of the woods anyway.  So, there were a few sad herbs stuck in mini pots and a couple of cactus plants so all his hopes were cruelly dashed and he just had to help me carry my haul instead.

See how I look after him?  I bought him a gorgeous, rusty, non functional stove to use as a plant pot.  Look at that gorgeous lid.

I’ve got a large version of this Larousse illustrated dictionary which I have dismembered for various purposes as it was in quite bad condition but this one, from 1939, is gorgeous and will be kept intact and used as a prop in my photos and for looking through occasionally.

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