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An Eclectic Runner

Do you ever have those times when you’ve not even thought about a a new project but, all of a sudden, something pops into your head and you have to start on it there and then despite having numerous others on the go?  Of course you do.

Ages ago, I kept spending loads of money with a company called Massdrop (are they still going?) until I realised the error of my ways and unsubscribed.  However, I will always be grateful to them for my stack of beautiful ombre fabrics

and my thick felted wool ironing pad thingy which is in constant use.

Anyway, one of my impulse purchases from them was a stack of fabrics from Tim Holtz called ‘Eclectic Elements’ which has languished in my stash ever since as I couldn’t imagine any of them in a quilt and keep forgetting about them when I need something a bit ‘quirky’ in a  craft project.

 I decided (all of a sudden as previously mentioned) I needed a table runner for the coffee table in the living room.

My décor – such as it is – in there is not really something calling out for my usual selection of quilting fabrics so I thought these would work being more subdued in tone.

I took out the blues as they definitely don’t ‘go’ with anything in the room and added a couple of toning fabrics from elsewhere in my stash.

The ‘Suchard Chocolat’ piece was in the original Eclectic stack but I had already sewn it in to the runner by the time I’d thought to take a photo because it’s my favourite piece and I used quite a bit of it as the central strip.  My second favourite is the butterflies which might be moths – must put my specs on to read the teensy writing, something I’m finding myself saying more and more often these days.

I was intrigued by a method I saw here where you cut out the backing and batting to size, cut your strips of fabric and lay one centrally, right side up,  across the backing and batting.  Then, you lay the next strip right side down on top of the first and sew a quarter inch seam, then press seam open.  On the other side of the first strip, repeat with another strip and carry on like that, alternately in each direction, until you reach the ends of the runner.

I had this red and cream floral fabric in my stash which I think coordinates well with the other fabrics and also with the room it will be used in which has a red theme going on but not a bright red.

So you have, effectively, sandwiched and quilted the layers at the same time – a sort of alternative ‘quilt as you go’.  You can leave it like this or add some further quilting – which I did, using a very French makeshift template.

I bound it the traditional way with a double fold binding and some plain red from my stash.

I’m surprised how much the quilting pattern showed up once the runner was in position – especially here where the sun was shining right across it.

Oh look, there’s blue in my rug – I could have left the blue fabrics in after all.

I would be drummed out of Instagram for not plumping up my sofa cushions before a photography session.  Still, let’s call it ‘keeping it real’ this time and be amazed there’s not a dog or three draped across it.

So, not a ‘pretty, pretty’ table runner one often associates with quilting projects but I don’t think that would have worked in this room so I’m quite pleased with it.

Now to get back to whatever it was I was supposed to be doing when this popped into my head.



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Ooer! I’ve Come Over All Christmassy.

Reversible Table Runner for the Festive Season

Reversible Table Runner for the Festive Season


I love this reindeer print and, amazingly, I bought it locally (although I think it’s Spanish).  I thought it would be cool to make it  reversible, mostly because  I wanted to see a nice long stretch of those fabulous  reindeer.  Off to buy some more of it this afternoon before it all gets snapped up by other locals starved of fabric buying opportunities.

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Birds, Trees and Polka Dots Runner


It is so hot here at the moment – in the mid 30s – I don’t mind so much during the day but I hate it when it’s too hot at night.  I have finally given in, realised that I must live in semi darkness and, like the French, close my shutters against the sunshine.  I must admit, it definitely keeps the house cooler but, in my opinion, it’s a high price to pay.

Anyway, mustn’t complain, I’m off to the U.K. at the weekend for a wedding so that’ll probably cool me down.

Been busy making stuff as usual and I am quite pleased with this table runner.  I knew I wanted to use the birdy fabric with black but wasn’t sure about the side panels so went mad and chose the polka dots.  I think (hope) it works.  The back is a straight run of the bird fabric because it’s so lovely I wanted to use a whole stretch of it and it’s a side for calmer moments.

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A Summery Table



I bought these bright, summery fat quarters from an American website and have been waiting for inspiration.  Anyway, I decided to make this table runner with squares of the fabric and, to tone it down a bit and make it more sophisticated (I hope), used linen for the edges.  Also, instead of a plain linen back, I decided to use the fabric, in smaller pieces, to make a more interesting reverse side and so now it is reversible – da..da..!  I decided against quilting as I don’t think it would suit this piece – it is fresh and natural looking and I felt quilting would complicate it too much.  Not because I’m lazy, honest.

A Summery Table

A Summery Table

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