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Waiting for the Wadding

After asking you for help making a decision with the border fabric, I decided to go with my first instinct and use the mushroomy grey colour.  So, if you thought ‘cream’,  you didn’t say so and, unlike my daughter who is miffed that I ignored her, you can’t complain 😉

quiltprogress2 (2)

I think it was the best choice.  Please excuse the teddies – they are from a more hormonal time in my life and now share my workroom with me (banned, as they are, from any other room of the house).

I do like to compromise however and, when I realised I didn’t have quite enough of the backing fabric, ended up using the cream to bring it up to size  – so everybody’s happy.

French General Quilt Progress

I must try harder to get that fold out of the middle of the backing fabric.  It doesn’t look that obvious in real life.  Perhaps it will disappear into the quilting.

It is fiendishly difficult (and hideously expensive) to get good quilt batting in France and I’ve had to order it from an obliging seller in the U.K.

So now I’m just waiting for the wadding.

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