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A Flying Visit

Off to the U.K. tomorrow for a quick visit.  It is Madamoiselle Tialys the younger’s birthday on Friday and she and Mr. T are off to a concert at the O2.  I am not going.  Here is one of the band’s album covers so guess why!

I will, of course be indulging in some retail therapy and visiting some friends.  On Saturday we will go to my favourite place – Brighton – and meet a good friend for lunch.  She lives there and I missed her last time I went so that is a priority.  Unlike rural France, the restaurants stay open outside of 12 – 2 at lunchtime so we are having a late lunch in order that I might forage in the Laines for a few hours first.  I am going to set off earlier than the other two who are not such avid shoppers as I am!  I think that’s a good plan.  My favourite restaurant in Brighton is ‘Terre à Terre’ which is a vegetarian restaurant but, even though I’m not a veggie, it is sooooo gorgeous I can forgo a meat fix.  The trouble is, the menu is so interesting – they describe all the ingredients of a dish so thoroughly and it all sounds so amazing – that it takes me half an hour just to decide what I want.

Might be a little cold for the pier at this time of year – maybe I’ll stick to the shopping and the eating.

A priority also, is to visit my parents – I will be staying with them for the first couple of days and my two sisters are coming over to see us which will be great as I don’t get to see them much especially my younger sister who lives in Wales.  I want it to be a little bit of a family party because my dad is going to start palliative chemotherapy the following week and, even though he isn’t saying anything, I know it must be a daunting prospect.

What about Madamoiselle Tialys the elder, I hear you ask.  Well, she is going to be looking after the house and the animals which I can hardly bear to think about really.  Her boyfriend will be moving in with her for the duration so, between them, I am sure everything will be fine.  I am taking her food shopping today so they won’t starve and will be typing a list later on which I will pin on the fridge starting with ‘Let the chickens out’ and ending with ‘Put the chickens away’.  There will be lots of other things in between and I’ve already stuck a note on the inside of the front door saying ‘Have you got your key?’

See you when I get back!

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