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Festive Mini Hoops

I love the little embroidery hoops that you can display as miniature wall art or prop up in a little niche somewhere.  The trouble is I don’t embroider and cross stitch makes me go cross eyed so I improvise.  I’ve been using the 4″ size hoops, which are small enough, but when I saw some 3″ ones, I knew I had to have them for Christmas tree ornaments.  For the most part, I’ve kept with my French theme but I couldn’t resist slipping a ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ in there too.


When I make the 4″ ones now, they seem enormous!



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Planning an Heirloom

I can’t tell you how much fabric I’ve got stashed away but, strangely enough, when I decided I wanted to get started on making a quilt for my daughter’s 18th (well over a year away but I don’t want to rush it!!), I decided I didn’t have anything quite right.   I want to make something she’ll like now but also in years to come.    She likes the fabrics in this jelly roll and says they will also remind her of me – bless! – so I’m going to use those with this panel from the same fabric range in the centre.  I’ll decide on the backing and quilting pattern later.

Central Panel

Jelly Roll and Others

The three fabrics on the bottom are nothing to do with the quilt but I can’t resist a bit of text so ordered them at the same time!

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Searching for Text on Fabric


Linen Cushion - French Love Poem


I don’t know why but I love using text in my items.  There’s just something so eyecatching about it and I think it always makes an item look more interesting.  I especially like text which is incomprehensible (to me anyway) such as Greek or Latin or Russian.  I’m not so keen on Japanese or Chinese text as it looks more like a design than letters so it’s not the same thing.  I do some hand stamping but this only suits certain fabrics and items.  Maybe I’ll have to learn screen printing .

I’ve just made a cushion cover from a printed linen panel, backed with floral linen and it features a French love poem.  My French isn’t perfect but I think there are some errors on there!  Still, the thought is there and you can tell it’s supposed to be romantic.

I am on a quest.  It is really difficult to find fabric featuring text.  I am badgering my friend Anna to include some text when she starts up her own fabric range but I am impatient!  If anybody comes across any, can you let me know?  I am always looking for all kinds of  fabric and I don’t see that much so I know it’s difficult.  For preference, I would prefer linen but good quality cotton will do.  I look forward to receiving the results of your investigations and thank-you in advance.



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Winner of Blog Giveaway

The Tialys '9-5' Etui Box

The Tialys '9-5' Etui Box

I had some great suggestions for new etui boxes from Dionne’s followers on her blog and I chose Yesim from Turkey as the winner.  She suggested a box for the office with little emergency items in, such as spare tights, gum, painkillers, etc. and this gave rise to my  ‘9-5 Etui Box’ .   Yesim chose the ‘Baby Girl Etui Box’ as her prize as she has a relative just about to have a baby – I hope she likes it!

For Life's Little Emergencies

For Life's Little Emergencies


Some of the other suggestions, I have also made use of.  I have already made tea boxes but had been meaning to make a coffee one for a while – just needed to find the right fabric which I did recently when I went to Brighton.  I also wanted to make one using hand-stamped text and which might be suitable for a man.

'Coffee Time' Etui Box

'Coffee Time' Etui Box'


'Why Don't You Write Me A Letter?'

'Why Don't You Write Me A Letter?'


Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions – any more gratefully received!  I feel a ‘Chill Out’ one coming on with relaxing stuff like candles, herbal tea, etc.

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