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Les Soldes (which is French for ‘a good excuse to buy more fabric’)

I know I said I didn’t need more fabric Your Honour.  I know, like a nerdy anorak type with his CDs in alphabetical order,  I am going to have to sort my fabric  into categories of colours because I have so much of it.  But it is ‘Les Soldes’ in France and, unlike the U.K., they do not have an ongoing sale all year round.  The sales are on specified dates for a specified time and so one must, of course, make the most of them.  That is the case for the defence.  I am just practising for when Mr. Tialys (aka ‘The Prosecution’) returns and wants to know why yet more of the soft stuff has appeared in the house.

I actually have a very good excuse for buying the cream cotton with the tiny white flowers.  I am using it in a quilting project as a background fabric so it makes financial sense to buy it when it’s in the sale.  The gorgeous striped linen on the bottom had 50% off and, although I have no idea what I want it for yet, half price is half price.  The Liberty is Liberty and is beautiful and that’s all that needs to be said.

I rest my case.

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